Saturday, March 2, 2013

Puxatawney Phil Is A Lying Rodent Turd

It's cold. And it's going to stay cold for a while still according to

Shortly after Groundhog Day, the weather turned beautiful. High 60's and low 70's and it wasn't a day too soon for me. I even wore flip-flops one day. But the balmy temperatures were very short-lived. It had been Mother Nature at her seductive best.

The cold wind keeps the temperatures hovering in the low 40's during the day. The grass is still brown. The trees don't show any signs of spring leaves or buds. Most everything looks dead.

 photo 013-2_zps2126c0ba.jpg

Perennials are still dormant.

 photo 005-2_zps19644927.jpg

Although, the flicker of warmer weather forced a glimpse of spring to come.

My onion chives and garlic chives started to wake up. They even survived a brief ice storm.

 photo 002-1_zps504adcdf.jpg

 photo 004-2_zps1eddf018.jpg

When this little baby blooms, I'll know for sure that the temperatures are headed in the right direction.

 photo 006-2_zps548ac744.jpg

Until then, I'll keep wearing my winter socks.


altadenahiker said...

I'm sorry for your loss, but that first shot particularly is very pretty. Just realized yesterday I lost my Japanese maple to the deep freeze. Or maybe to shock, as we have a freeze one week and 85 degree temps the next.

Terri said...

You did not "lose" your Japanese maple. It's merely slightly concussed. It will survive. Trust me on this.

altadenahiker said...

But I scraped the bark for wick. It's brown. Should I still trust you on this?

Terri said...

Yes. But fortunately you have no idea where I live (except generally in the central Arkansas region) so you are unable to retaliate if it doesn't survive ~ although I truly believe it will.