Sunday, November 4, 2012


I've been sitting here staring at the screen on my laptop. Then I flip to another tab, read the news, then back to my "create a new post" page. Again, I flip to another tab, go through my Google reader for anything interesting, then back to Blogger. I'm restless. Can't focus.

I desperately need another vacation, but this is Tom's busiest time of the year. Everyone wants their house completed by the holidays. The pressure is on.

We were going to take a few days this month to head down to Florida for Chris' porch party, but with work piling up, Tom won't be able to make the trip. I'm really disappointed, but I really should have known. It happens every single year. Everything will be put on hold until we actually get in the car or board the plane for our annual Christmas destination. And Tom will work up through the last weekend just before it's time to go. At that point, it becomes the vacation of all vacations for him.

I've contemplated going to Chris' alone, but, even though I've made the drive a couple of times, I hate that drive by myself. Two days driving down, three or four days there, then two days driving back. Ugh. But I keep looking back at the calendar, trying to settle on a decision.

This morning, Tom started loading the trailer, getting it ready for our Christmas trip. Sheets, mattress pad, quilt to make the bed. Utensils sorted and put in drawers. Perhaps our brief conversation says it best:

TOM: {sighs deeply as he walks through the house with an armload of linens}

ME: Something wrong?

TOM: You know when they ordered evacuation for Hurricane Sandy?

ME: Yeah.

TOM: Well, that's how I feel. I'm getting ready to evacuate, get the hell outta here.

I think retirement is finally coming in the next couple of years and we're both ready.

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