Monday, October 22, 2012

I'm Just Sick ...

No really, I am. I have an upset stomach and a headache. I don't think it's the flu.

Last May I ordered an area rug for our bedroom from The Company Store. It was backordered for months. But finally it arrived in late August.

We rolled up old stained rug, then unwrapped the new from its packing materials. PeeYoo. The smell of sweet chemicals took me aback. It was strong. Really strong. My first thought was I hope that smell dissipates pretty quickly because that's just nasty!.

It looks so pretty in the bedroom. It picks up the spiced coral colors in the quilt and softens the room. But, after six weeks it still reeks of sweet chemicals. Bad.

Every day for two weeks I sprayed the rug with industrial strength Febreez. The ceiling fan in the bedroom moves the air 24/7. The bedroom windows are open when there's no threat of rain, in the hope that the fresh air will  permeate the threads, but when there's a cross breeze the smell travels through the house. I plugged in an essential oil heated room freshener in the bedroom to mask the nasty smell, but I can't even smell the soft, lovely lavender scent for the chemicals. Nothing has helped.

Now Tom and I are sleeping fitfully every night and waking up every morning with a headache. And every morning my stomach is upset. I honestly think it's the chemicals in the rug that is making us sick.

This afternoon when Tom gets home, we are going to remove the rug from the bedroom. And tomorrow afternoon I guess I'll be shopping for a new rug.

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