Friday, October 19, 2012

Anniversary (noun): Yearly observance, celebration

I know it may sound strange, but Tom and I have never considered the anniversary date of our wedding an event for which a party is warranted. We don't invite people over. We often don't even go out to celebrate. We've even stopped buying gifts for each other. Our relationship and marriage is deeply personal to us. We don't really celebrate as much as reflect on the years behind us, entertain the future and appreciate the moment.

Yes, today is our anniversary. Forty four years together. I've spent two-thirds of my entire life with Tom.

When I look at those 44 years, just 6 years short of 50, it blows my mind. It seems to have flown by, but casually reminiscing what has transpired, I realize we've packed a lot of stuff into those years.

We've lived in Sunnyvale, San Jose, Santa Cruz, Kings Beach, Oceanside, Carlsbad and Vista, California; Gardnerville and Incline Village, Nevada; and Vilonia and Conway, Arkansas. Next stop, Florida.

Tom's been an Air Force sergeant, computer programmer, truck driver, postal worker, police officer, sheriff's deputy, carpenter, contractor and business owner.

I've been a receptionist, secretary, registrar of voters clerk, volunteer consultant, vocational school registrar and director, non-profit business manager, paralegal, university financial aid office assistant and associate director, college executive director for student fiscal affairs (now, that's a mouthful) and college and university financial aid consultant.

We raised two wonderful boys who have become extraordinary men, husbands and fathers; outstanding musicians; and exemplary cooks.

Together, we are husband and wife, father and mother, grandpa and grandma and above all best friends.

We've made this journey together a wonderful life....OUR life. And I'm incredibly grateful for it.


gina knuppenburg said...

Happy, happy anniversary! No matter what life throws at us it's a comfort to know that we have our guys to go home to. Only hoping that I can spend 44 years with my own Thom.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary, Terri and Tom! My husband and I will reach the same mark in three months time. We talk often, as I am sure you do, of how very lucky we are to have had these years together, but also of how we have each worked hard to reach this point. I am sure the two of you do the same. You have worked hard to build a wonderful family, and you deserve all the happiness it may bring you.
Gravel Gertie

Terri said...

Thank you both so much. I wish you many wonderful years with your spouse and spouse-to-be.