Thursday, November 10, 2011

Reality Sucks

There is something wrong with the balance of the universe because I didn't get enough gorgeous genes and there are women who were born with far too many, an over abundance and excessively more than their fair share.

Take Angelina Jolie, for example. Do you know what I think when I look at this photo?

Source Departures Magazine

What I think is that I NEED, MUST HAVE, LUST AFTER that Louis Vuitton bag. Why? Because Angelina is beautiful and the photo of her with that bag casually draped over her shoulder makes me believe (or maybe it's just hope) that if I put that same tote on my shoulder there is a remote chance that I will look as beautiful.

It doesn't matter that my hair is gray instead of brown or that it's short instead of long and flowing, or that I'm old enough to be her mother, or that her boobs sit higher on her body than mine do, or that the back of my upper arms resemble curdling cheese, and that I NEVER had pouty lips and looked sultry.

Okay. I just talked myself out of buying that bag.


gina said...

I'm pretty sure if both you and I walked around holding our lips in that sort of pucker, someone is bound to buy us the bag. snicker.

Terri said...