Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Final Day

When I forwarded a copy of my last letter to the city council to the editor of our local newspaper, I thought he'd just skim it for some sort of relevant news story, but instead sent an email asking me pare it down to about 300 words in order to publish it in the newspaper.

I responded with, "I'll give it a try, but I'm a blogger and not known for my brevity. More of a blah-blah-blahgger." And, it's true. I'm wordy. Paring down that letter was like pulling out my fingernails.

So how is that I have had such a hard time with this last 30-day exercise? Most of the time I felt like the most boring person I know trying to sound interesting, engaging, fun even. I don't think I've been particularly successful. I don't have kids at home anymore and they don't even live close by so I don't have a cache of family anecdotes to share. I don't work at a full-time job with fun, grumpy or eccentric people to exploit. I live a pretty quiet, boring life comprised mostly of accounting, cleaning, dishwashing, laundry and cooking with some family, friends and neighbors thrown in for good measure and enough hugs and laughs to keep me reasonably sane.

Anyway, tomorrow is December 1st, just in case you were wondering. My usual holiday depression still has not set in. I'm not going to question that one. I will just be grateful and enjoy. However, now I'm feeling a little bit of Christmas panic because everything must be done by December 19th since we are flying out to Reno early on the 20th. Nineteen days and counting.


gina said...

I, for one, find you witty and interesting!! Glad to see you're in good spirits heading into this holiday season!! I am, too. I have a secret that is making me absolutely giddy...but I can't share cuz my Mom might be internet stalking me. I can clarify that I am not pregnant, though. lol

Terri said...

I'll speculate (engagement) but I'll keep it to myself. BTW, Mom's are allowed to stalk. That's how they roll.