Monday, November 7, 2011

A Creative Roadblock

Given the number of blog writers who apparently have writers block or have little or nothing to share, I'm not alone.

Today started out energetic. I made my list. I checked it twice. I hit the local Hallmark store, then Walmart, which is in the same shopping center as the Hallmark store.

I hated to have to come home because the construction noise in my backyard started early and continued all afternoon. It was brutal. I wanted to keep the back door open because the weather was the low to mid-70's, but the noise was so overwhelming, I kept the door closed. It didn't matter. All I could hear was construction noise muddling the press conference of Herman Cain's fourth sexual harassment accuser and the guilty verdict of Michael Jackson's former physician.

Before I continue, I have to comment on both developments.

First, the woman who has come forward as Herman Cain's fourth victim of sexual harassment. I just have to say: Herman, you are dead meat....besides being a scumbag. Go home.

Second, Dr. Conrad Murray's guilty verdict in the death of Michael Jackson. Yes, Michael Jackson was most likely a drug addict. However, Dr. Murray is a physician who is bound by medical ethics. The drug Murray gave Michael Jackson was propofol. It is a drug that is used to render patients unconscious for surgical procedures. It has NEVER been used or recommended as a "sleep aid." Propofol is to be administered in controlled, hospitalized surgical situations, not in the homes of pop stars who wish to find slumber relief. In my view, if you have not already guessed, Dr. Murray is completely culpable since he did not follow ethical protocol for the administration of such a potentially lethal drug.

Back to the overwhelming construction noise. This is what we have endured within inches of our back fence for the last several months.


Huge construction equipment. This is just one of several pieces of equipment working...digging...grading...beeping...OMG the freaking beeeping!!!...just on the other side of our back fence. The air surrounding our house is permeated with the smell of diesel exhaust.

I would like to personally thank our illustrious mayor, Tab Townsell, who has a little girl who has, at the age of 6, battled cancer, and yet felt it was completely appropriate to approve the construction of a 14-bay a gas station, which produces known carcinogens, to be built within 200 feet of where at least five children, one known cancer-stricken resident and a half a dozen senior citizens reside.

And, of course, there are the other members of the Conway City Council who also dismissed the documented cancer risks (hmmm, how many of them have children?), rejected the concerns for the negative impact of the quality of life for the surrounding neighborhoods and voted to nullify the existing zoning that provided a necessary buffer zone for all adjacent properties in favor of the construction of their "status" store... Andy Hawkins, an Allstate insurance agent; Mark Vaught, who is more concerned with the city's propensity for additional taxes than the welfare of the citizens; Shelley Mehl, an administrator for institutional advancement at the local university; Theodore Jones, a postal employee; and Shelia Whitmore, a human resources administrator.

I have to wonder if they or one of their family members would have been threatened with being so severely impacted in the manner in which we have, would they have voted differently. I'll answer that for them, without hesitation or equivocation: YES, they would have voted differently.

If Mayor Townsell thought his daughter would be subjected to the possibility or remote chance of consistent exposure to a known carcinogen, would he have supported the construction of such a project within the vicinity of where his child lives? Of course not. And, what of the others who voted in favor of this project? Would they have subjected their children or other family members to those risks? If they would, they are merely ignorant.

Of course, we are not related to any of the council members so we could not expect the same kind of thoughtful consideration, care and protection one would give to those they love and hold dear.

We are merely unrelated, anonymous citizens for whom they hold no particular allegiance, thoughtful consideration, care or protection. They are, ultimately, politicians, so what else could we expect from them.

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