Monday, April 4, 2011

Update and more...

Most of my family already knows this information because I post on Facebook more often than I do here.

Karen was released from the hospital last Wednesday and seems to be doing fine except for an incident yesterday when her pulse plummeted to 36. She said she got up and moved around a little to try to get her heart rate back up and that seemed to work. Too much inactivity I I sit here in front of the computer writing yet another blog.

Anyway, when she was released, the doctor gave her copies of all the tests results they'd done in the hospital to give to her cardiologist during her appointment this coming Thursday. The 'hospitalist', to his credit (little of which I have given him), also told her to ask her cardiologist or GP for a referral to another vascular doctor because he was not comfortable advising Karen to wait 6 more months for another evaluation with a 70% blockage in her carotid artery. Maybe he was sneaking in and reading the material I printed and took to Karen the night before she was released. Or maybe he was just being more reasonable. I choose to give him the benefit of the doubt and believe the latter.

On another note, I think I mentioned that we had Joe groomed, i.e. shaved. And wouldn't you know it, for over a week afterward the weather turned cold again, lows in the 40's and on some days highs were only in the 50's. What does a Mostly-Maltese do when he loses all the warm protection of all that hair? He shivers. Then he does what's necessary to keep warm.....


He now prefers the warmth of a down-filled lap comforter, particularly in the morning when we've roused him from a warm bed to go outside to do his business. He's not subtle either. He'll stand in front of the person in possession of the comforter, with begging eyes, emit a little tiny almost inaudible whine and visibly shiver....until the targeted person takes pity upon him. Oh. Yeah. That dog is good.

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