Wednesday, March 30, 2011

He Must Have Been Somebody's Golden Boy When He Was Growing Up...

Because he sure believes he is all that...the be all...the end all...maybe God even. To be sure, he is arrogant and dismissive...but I already said that yesterday, didn't I.

It's only Wednesday and already feels like it should be Friday.

Karen's still in the hospital. The "hospitalist," i.e. doctor, has no idea what happened and says so with his best and brightest I-have-an-awesome-bedside-manner smile. He keeps insisting that it was just that Karen's blood pressure went too low, even though it was sky high right after the EMT's revived her and when she arrived in the emergency room ~ 200+/90+.

The doctor continues to completely ignore the TIA (mini-stroke) symptoms because the emergency room intake nurse didn't write them down or the EMT didn't communicate them, so the doctor just says, "there's no evidence of that [happening]" when we ask how low blood pressure could cause her to stop breathing and her heart to stop, then need to be revived by EMT's, cause her carotid artery to become rigid and hard and then be completely disoriented and have slurred speech for a couple of hours afterward. There are even symptoms of Karen having a seizure before we were able to get the bathroom door open that the doctor chooses to ignore i.e. she has a bruise on her left cheek bone (she was lying on her stomach, her head turned to her right and her left cheek resting on the floor) and she had blood in the corners of her mouth and her tongue was bleeding the first day and is now badly bruised on both sides, an indication that she bit her tongue possibly during a convulsion. Apparently, since no one actually witnessed a seizure and documented it on some sort of official medical record, it didn't happen and even the possibility of it should be completely ignored.

The "hospitalist" consulted with a vascular doc yesterday, who visited with Karen yesterday afternoon. He says surgery is not indicated for her carotid artery that is blocked at 70%, when ALL the documentation I could find online from Mayo Clinic, Stanford Hospital & 2 other medical sources says surgery is the best alternative if you've had TIA symptoms ~ which, of course, they are completely dismissing no matter how many times we attempt to convey the information.

They just shrug their shoulders and say, "We don't know what caused it, but I've seen it a million times. Your blood pressure was just too low. Or maybe it was just some electrical misfire in your heart. You seem fine now. You might as well go home." I'm at a complete loss and Karen's scared to be released.


Anonymous said...

Oh no! How awful! I don't blame her! Has she been released yet?
- Kathryn

Terri said...

Hi Kathryn: Karen was released last Wednesday and so far so good, but she had some concerns yesterday. I'll write about them later this afternoon.