Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nobody Said He Was Stupid....Just Arrogant and Dismissive

Yesterday was interesting.

I listened to Karen's doctor completely dismiss another doctor's previous diagnosis without seeing any test results or doctors notes. When Karen told this doctor that she had a TIA (aka mini-stoke) at the end of January, his response was a curt, "I don't buy it." Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!

I don't have time to describe the entire day because I'm getting ready to go back to the hospital this morning, but finally....after my brazen yet calm and rational rant with the charge nurse while expressing my concerns and calling the doctor arrogant and dismissive....FINALLY he began to consider something other than her heart and blood pressure.

Yesterday morning Karen had an echocardiogram and a CATscan. The CATscan was normal. As of yesterday afternoon, we did not have the results of the echo. But FINALLY yesterday afternoon they did an ultrasound on her carotid arteries (in her neck) and discovered that the right carotid is 70% blocked and....shock!!!!!.....the doctor now thinks she might have had another TIA (aka mini-stroke) instead of just low blood pressure. Well, f**cking DUH!!

Today, a vascular surgeon will meet with Karen and consult with her "hospitalist" (aka arrogant and dismissive doctor) to determine whether or not surgery is indicated to unblock the artery.

I'll know more later today...

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