Friday, April 8, 2011

Some Things Friday for April 8, 2011

Some Things I Love:

1. Vacations, vacations, vacations. And I need one!

2. I really love a deep, refreshing, renewing, good night's sleep. Haven't had many of those these past few months, but I am so grateful when they do come.

3. When Tom makes Pasta Carbonara for dinner. I love, Love, LOVE that dish! He's making it for dinner tonight. I'm making Caesar Salad and garlic bread. Oh. Baby.

4. I don't live in citrus growing country any more, but I bought a Meyer lemon tree last year and it spent the winter with my tropical plants in my garage under a grow light. When nearly all chances of a hard freeze had passed, I stuck it outside in the sunshine and rain, where it commenced blooming! With any luck, I might have Meyer lemons to pick from my tree this year.


5. The television series Parenthood. Every single character is flawed and real and trying to do the very best they can. It gets better with each episode.

NBC Photo: Art Streiber

Some Things I Hate:

1. March Madness. Stop talking about it. Stop tweeting about it. Stop blogging about it. I. Don't. Care.

2. The pile of papers - bills, mail, receipts, job material breakdowns, etc. - next to my laptop, sitting there sneering at me, daring me to organize, file and completely obliterate it.

3. We've lived in this house almost 5 years and we still get mail for the previous owner.

4. Socks and flip-flops worn at the same time! When Karen was in the hospital emergency room last Sunday, one of the male attendants was wearing them....white socks and flip-flops. First off, that's just nasty, stupid looking. Second, who goes to work wearing them? Third, why does he still work there?

5. Phony people who are so completely unaware of themselves that they actually think they are conveying absolute sincerity. Psych 101: Denial.

Some Things I Just Don't Get:

1. Apparently Patty Duke, a medicated bipolar sufferer, has 'diagnosed' Charlie Sheen as also being bipolar. Really? When did Ms. Duke become Dr. Duke. I missed her graduation from med school. I love how people who suffer from some illness or disease so quickly 'diagnose' others with their same disorder. Psych 101 calls it projection.

2. Why my horoscope doesn't actually tell me what is going to happen and what I should do about it. Am I being unreasonable to expect some specificity?

3. So a bunch of people paid $50 a person to get into a theater to see Charlie Sheen's live show....then proceeded to boo him off the stage? WTF? How completely stupid do you have to be to pay money to express your displeasure to a person you don't even know, then demand a refund of the money you paid to do the stupid thing in the first place?

4. Bacon cologne. They want us to buy a fragrance to smell like bacon. If I want to smell like Eau de Kitchen, I'll cook a pound of bacon with the windows closed and not only will I smell like bacon for the rest of the day, but I will have the basis of an awesome sandwich (just add tomato, avocado, lettuce and mayo) or a side to enhance my plate of scrambled eggs.

5. Headlines: "Kate Upton, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model does 'The Dougie'," "Aggie's Women's Coach does 'The Dougie',"Everyone's Doin' 'The Dougie'." I have only one question. What the hell is the 'The Dougie' and if everyone is doing it, how come I'm not? Don't answer that.


gina said...

I'm so in tune with every single point on this post-it's scary!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Sandra said...

Ok, where do I begin on how much I like the way you think!!! First of all, I'm having pasta carbonara for supper tomorrow! Totally craving it now! And secondly, I'm with you on Charlie Sheen. That'd be the day I'd pay to hear him spout his psychotic rants, but if I had paid to watch him, I'd at least stick it out to get some blogging fodder from it.

kathryn said...

You just made me snort in the dining hall.

Terri said...

Gina: Are you mini-me? Hope your weekend was awesome.

Sandra: My pasta carbonara was so darn good! How about yours?

Kathryn: lol...sorry