Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Right Choice?

We've had Joe, our 6-pound mostly Maltese, for just over a year. He's a pretty darn good dog. He doesn't bark a lot except to greet Tom when he gets home. If the door is open so he can access his doggie door, he pees and poops outside. If the door is closed, he just stands and stares at you with his legs crossed, as if to say, "Helllooo, the door is CLOSED!" If we are watching tv or reading, he sleeps in Tom's lap or the couch on his pillow. If I'm working in the office, he sleeps on the floor on the carpet or in the extra desk chair. At night, he sleeps at the end of our bed on a towel (thanks for the idea Rickey!!).

But you know how I know he is the perfect dog for us? We have discovered that he is warm weather dog, perfect for a Florida environment. Even though he's never been to Florida, we just KNOW he would rather live there than any place else.

How on earth would we know that he would rather be in Florida? Thank you for asking.

This winter has been unbelievably cold, but we often leave the door cracked open so Joe can go in and out at will. The kitchen gets really cold because of the open door, so I set a small space heater on the floor in the kitchen pointed in the direction of the back door to help offset the cold draft.

Joe loves that heater. He will lay under the bar chairs in the kitchen about 3 feet away from the heater, directly in its path, his fur moving in the warm heater breeze. When he stretches out and faces directly toward the heater breeze, you can just tell he's having a laying-in-the-sun-with-a-warm-breeze-blowing-I'd-rather-be-in-Florida little doggie fantasy.

Yet another reason to move to Florida ~ to make my little dog's dreams come true.

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