Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Taking a Break

I'm going to stop posting for a while.

I don't know why today was the last straw, but it was. I'm going to stop posting on my food blog and Facebook and Twitter as well.

I've been in quite a mood for quite some time and things don't look like they are getting any better. I've nearly lost my sense of humor. I don't find humor in much of anything.

I feel stuck. I'm not near my kids and grandkids. I live in a town I don't like. Finances are bleak at best. And the holidays are coming. There won't be any for us. Things are too tight to go anywhere; it's even too tight too shop. I've tried finding work, but employers are not looking for a retired professional woman to re-enter the job force and they are skeptical of my willingness to accept a clerical or secretarial position. I understand. I've been in the same position they are, thinking over qualified.

That is really all I have to write. There is nothing else. I feel consumed and overwhelmed by it all and quite frankly I feel like a complete downer, stick-in-the-mud, nasty, negative curmudgeon. A simply unpleasant person.

I'll start writing again when I feel like I have something more to offer. For now, I think I need to take a walk and come home and take a shower. Talk to you in a few....


Rickey said...

Go back and read the posting of November 8th dear cousin.....with that being said, the rest will take care of it's self in are far from alone...this too shall pass in time and seem like a bad dream.....from here, your real life looks pretty good. Kids are healthy and with happy families, (0nly geographically distant)you have an awsome Husband!! a great extended family, a warm home, good food all the time....the rest is fixable, very fixable. Again, be patient. Love ya, Rickey

Terri said...

You are not going to let me suffer in peace are you? But I'll admit everything you say it true, except the patience part. That's not my finest quality.

gina said...

glad to see you're posting again :)