Friday, January 29, 2010

Holy Crap... Stop the Presses!!

My in-laws have an answering machine on their phone. REALLY!!!

Tom tried to call his parents to invite them for Super Bowl Sunday. He dialed the number, it rang several times, then came an answer, "The person you have called is not available at the moment. Please leave a message after the tone."

Tom was so taken aback that he hung up and dialed their number again. He thought he had dialed the wrong number the first time. "The Voice" answered again. So he left a message, hoping that they would know what to do to listen to it.

You see, Tom's parents are in their 80's - his Dad will be 90 in March - and they do not...really DO NOT...adjust to new things very quickly. Case in point, the answering machine. This is their FIRST EVER answering machine.

I guess that's what happens though when your lifestyle is so frantic. Between bingo, Skipbo, doctors' visits, the puzzle hour, exercise class and movie night, they are never home anymore.

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