Thursday, January 28, 2010

Are We There Yet??

I keep asking myself, "When will I feel better? When will I feel like myself again?" But I don't answer. I just cough, nurse a fever periodically, take plenty of ibuprofin and sleep like crap.

I'm exhausted. Some days, even while I'm working, I feel like I could crawl into my soft, warm bed, pull the covers over my head and sleep all afternoon. It's probably what I should do, but I don't. I just keep working and pushing myself until I'm so exhausted I could sit and have a good own private pity party.

A few days after we adopted Joe, our little mostly-white, mostly-Maltese dog, we started crate training him at night and when we go out during the day. It's working well most nights. But there have been a few nights when Joe decided to bark to receive the attention he believes he deserves. Those nights, even though it's not every night, I still want to kill him. Luckily, I'm not a cruel person. I'm cranky and have mean thoughts, but I'm not cruel. So Joe lives.

On a high note, last Sunday as Tom was sitting on a heating pad to relieve the pain of a bad back (that is NOT the high note), we received a phone call from Mike and Jill, a couple we met early last year through Rickey and Robert, my cousin and her husband. Mike said they were coming into Conway and they would like us to join them for a late lunch. We accepted and met them at Mike's Place, a local restaurant. After how-are-you's and hugs, Mike said they brought some friends with them and hoped we didn't mind.

As Tom and I said, "Of course not!!" in unison, in through the big swinging doors walk Rickey and Robert! We got a little loud and rowdy ~ well, loud and rowdy by Conway standards anyway ~ but we had a great time and invited them back to our house afterward to visit a little longer. We had a great visit. I realized how much I love surprises!

On a weather note, another winter event is approaching. Below freezing temperatures and a half an inch of ice topped with two inches of snow is expected. Oh joy!

I did my weekly grocery shopping yesterday. The store clerks were over-stocking the shelves with loaves of bread, which will more than likely be empty by this evening. The grocery stores will be packed today with shoppers buying gallons of milk and loaves of bread for the duration. Don't ask me why. It's just an Arkansas thing.

Me? Well, I think I'll just make myself a little hot toddy, sit in front of a crackling fire in the fireplace, pretend it's a beach bonfire and try to make myself believe I'm enjoying myself. Grumble, grumble, snort, snort...


altadenahiker said...

Not just an Arkansas thing. Heard there was a run on milk and bread in England as well. Non-perishables would make more sense.

Terri said...

Non-perishables would make way more sense. Besides, how much French toast and bread pudding can a person eat??