Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm A Weeper if you didn't already know that. Just about anything touching can bring a tear to my eye and this morning it was the following post at Joy Unexpected, another blog to which I subscribe. She is writing about her 5-year old daughter.

"August 26, 2009


I walked past her room to put a load of laundry in the washer.

She was sitting at her desk, writing something on a piece of paper. She had a Very Serious Look on her face as her hand moved quickly across the paper.

It's not uncommon for her to sit quietly at her desk and write things or color. But I could tell that was she was doing was important. I walked into her room, knelt down by her desk.

"What are you writing, Mija?"

"I'm writing a letter to Opa, even though I know he's already dead."

Even though it's been 10 months since he died, it still feels like a punch to the gut to hear the words spoken out loud. He's dead. My Grandpa is dead..

"What does the letter say?" I asked.

She looked directly in my eyes and said "thank you for loving me while you were alive, Opa."

I was speechless. One of the things that I worried most about after he died was that she would forget him. That she would grow up not knowing how much he loved and adored her. I didn't worry about my boys, they are old enough to remember. They had so many more years with him than she did. They KNOW without a shadow of a doubt how much he loved that and what an amazing man he was. I am grateful for that. But I was sure she'd forget him, being only 4 years old when he passed.

That little girl hasn't forgotten her Opa. She still thinks about him, she misses him. But more importantly, she still knows that her Opa loved her. And oh my God, did he ever love her.

He loved us all. We were incredibly blessed to have his love for he was truly the most wonderful man.

Her letter to him gives me hope that even though he is gone, he will ALWAYS be wonderful in the eyes of my children.

Posted by Y at August 26, 2009 3:28 PM"

So, now that I am teary again, I'm off to yoga class, then to the church to finish the newsletter, then to a health care town hall held by my Congressman, Vic Snyder. It should be interesting. I'm taking my camera.

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