Saturday, August 22, 2009

Aging Not So Gracefully

An article in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette brought an "Awwwww" to my lips.

Missing kindergartner found in 1st grade
The Associated Press

Quoting the article

"VAN BUREN — A 5-year-old Van Buren kindergarten student who disappeared on the first day of classes was found safe in a first-grade classroom.

Police say Dakota Collins made a friend on the playground at Parkview Elementary School and followed the friend into class. Lt. Stephen Staggs says the boy put on the name tag of a boy who was absent and the teacher didn’t realize who he was.

Collins’ kindergarten teacher noticed him missing during roll call. Other teachers had seen him both during breakfast and on the playground.

As police went from classroom to classroom showing the boy’s photo, the first-grade teacher said she had a boy in class who looked just like the boy in the picture.

Staggs says the boy started crying and said he just wanted to be in class with his friend."

Does it bug you as much as it bugs me to hear parents claim their children are X-years going on X-years? Like five going on fifteen? (Yeah, I know, I did it too.)

Just when you think your child is more mature, more advanced, more anything than other children of his/her age, just read this article again to be reminded that...Um, nope, not so much.

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