Wednesday, April 29, 2009

He who would not wish to see a fool, must not only shut himself up alone, but must also break his looking-glass.-- N. Boileau

Here's the scenario...

Tom scraped the ceiling in the extra bedroom on Monday evening, so yesterday I worked in there, vacuuming, cleaning, on hands and knees scraping wet-then-dried kitty litter from the floor, mopping, etc.

The weather has been relatively the mid-70's...but it has been raining off and on all week, so it is really humid (like 90.99%). With that kind of humidity, no matter what you do that might be remotely physical, you WILL sweat...not perspire...SWEAT! So by the time I finish mopping the bedroom for the third time, I am drenched.

Monday, we had a call from our realtor that the termite inspection couldn't be completed at our flip house because insulation under the house was hanging down and had to be fixed before they could continue, so Tom planned on going over yesterday to do it himself.

So, after I finished in the bedroom, I planned to go to Lowes to pick up some wires to hold up insulation and a tyvek suit for Tom to wear so he didn't get his clothes all muddy when he crawled under the house. But, I was so drenched, I needed to take a shower.

I go into our bedroom and, of course, leave the door open because the house is now empty except for me and Goldie. No one here. No one expected here. I get undressed and go into the bathroom (which currently does not have a door) to turn on the shower and just before my hand touches the faucet, my cell phone rings.

As I leave the bathroom to walk into the bedroom to answer my phone, I reach up and grab a bath towel from the hook, pull the towel up in front of me with my left hand, attempting to cover the front of myself, and answer my cell phone with my right hand. It's Tom. During our conversation, I am leaning with my back up against the foot of my bed, left hand still holding the towel in front of me and right hand holding my cell phone.

Blah, blah, blah, we talk for several minutes, finally say good-bye, I close the phone with my right hand, walk back over to the dresser to lay it down, and still covering myself with the towel with my left hand, walk back into the bathroom and reach up to the hook and hang up the towel.

At that moment, I realized what I had done and I started to laugh out loud at how comical the whole scenario was! I was thinking to myself....Helllooo, you're here alone AND you cover yourself when the phone rings??? Are you thinking that someone can actually see through their phone, as if that's what is meant by having a "Camera Phone"??

Yeah, I know. It was stupid.

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