Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Big Dog is Everywhere... My TIVO is Working Overtime

I'm sorry I haven't posted for a few days. I'm busy painting and will explain, with pictures, when I'm done.

But, as I sit here munching my lunch of leftover roast chicken and a diet vanilla Pepsi, I want to quickly address today's topic.

I am not ashamed to say that I believe Bill Clinton was the best President in my lifetime... and, baby, I've lived a lot of years. Granted he had his no-so-admirable moments, but the economy was strong, our relationships with other nations (for the most part) was good, we were free of our deficit and, in fact, had a surplus.

Now look what we have to choose from. Neither presidential candidate can speak intelligently or passionately from memory off-the-cuff from their head or heart. Barack Obama can't put two sentences together without um, ah, uh interjected between each word and is now taking his beloved teleprompter where ever he goes, even down on the farm. John McCain is so attached to his note cards he barely raises his eyes to the audience or camera while speaking. Jesus, are we in trouble.

But then there is Big Dog. He's been everywhere lately, from the Today show to Larry King Live (blech!). He can converse intelligently with anyone in language that people from all walks of life can understand without talking down to anyone. He is not fearful of taking questions and can answer any question posed by anyone on any subject without having to refer to notes cards or a teleprompter or referring the question to his handlers.

Here he is on Jon Stewart's Daily Show doing what he does best: putting things in perspective.

Oh, and I like Jon Stewart, too.

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