Monday, May 5, 2008

Weekends are a bit like rainbows; they look good from a distance but disappear when you get up close to them. ~John Shirley

This past weekend was Toad Suck Daze. We didn't go. We stayed home and attempted to accomplish some tasks we'd put off for several days or weeks.

Saturday was windy and cold, so Tom used the time to install the new garage door opener; the one that he said would "take me just a couple of hours." He started about 8:30 AM and by 2:00 PM he was on the phone to tech support. We should receive the new circuit board tomorrow or Wednesday.

Sunday was sunny, warmer and much more fun. Tom got to dig a big hole, line it with plastic, fill it with water and set rocks of all sizes around the perimeter. We dug a pond!!! When I say "we," what I mean is that I gave Tom the hose and helped by handing him the rocks.

We purchased a pond starter kit a couple of weeks ago. The kit contained the liner for a 200 gallon pond, the water circulating pump, nozzle attachments and 3 lovely faux lily pads.

Tom started by digging a hole.

Then he installed the pond liner and started to fill it.

I was shocked when we actually finished the project in one day. The birds, bunnies and squirrels that frequently visit our back yard love it. The first photo was taken right after the pond was finished. The second photo was taken the this morning.

Of course, we haven't finished the pebble walkway around the pond yet and the plants are still in the planters and aren't set in the ground, but I love it. I do think those faux lilies make quite a statement, don't you? Unfortunately, it is a statement to the effect of "You have absolutely no taste whatsoever!" But, they'll have to do until the real live lilies and other water plants start growing.

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