Friday, May 2, 2008

Some Things Friday for May 2, 2008

Some Things I Love:

1. I received a very unexpected surprise about three weeks ago. My granddaughters sent these sweet little paintings. They arrived at a perfect time. I had just come home from my first trip to Las Vegas after my brother-in-law passed away and after visiting with my sister (his widow) who was quickly deteriorating from the ravages of her disease before she passed away. I had cried off and on during most of the two-day drive home. It was after the hello kisses and giant loving hugs that Tom handed me the big white envelope. I smiled through my tears. It was exactly what I needed. Now, I know that my granddaughters didn't address the envelope and mail them because they can't. They are only 5 and 4 years old, so their mother had to help. So, even though we are not on speaking terms right now, I thank her for that.

These lovely artistic renditions were done by Lily. I can tell because she spelled out her name in purple paint. And, because her mom wrote her name on a sticky note and clipped hers together.

Now, these beautiful, creative paintings were done by Zoey. Although Zoey only did two paintings, hers are definitely more detailed and it looks like she used more paint.

I am going to try to incorporate all of them into some kind of collage to hang on my office wall.

2. My nephew, J, posted a part of a song by Warren Barfield to his Myspace page. I love it: "Love is not a place to come and go as we please...its a house we enter in then commit to never lock the door behind you, throw away the key." You gotta be willing to do the work.

3. I hate my camera. I have tried to get really good photos for this and my food blog, but inevitably the close ups of my food are blurry. This camera, I am certain, will alleviate all my problems and allow me to take professional looking photos... okay, maybe just better photos. It is the Canon EOS 6.3MP Digital Rebel Camera with 18-55mm Lens...

I just KNOW I would love this camera!

4. The smell of my new shampoo: Bio-infusion Organics, Eucalyptus & Lavender.

I found and bought it in Las Vegas at Walgreens. I haven't looked to see if we have it here. (Oh, and by the way, Rickey, I forgot to mention, we also have two Walgreens in Conway open 24 hours... Yee Haw!)

5. Hearing from family members I haven't heard from in a very long time. It feels like coming home. What could ever feel better?

Some Things I Hate:

1. I have to admit that I am more than disappointed in Goldie's behaviors. She is more than "timid," as the previous owner described her. She is completely broken and nearly lifeless. I can't even imagine what kind of life this dog had before we got her. In a small pen 24/7, little to no human companionship or contact. I guess we are lucky she is a good natured breed. If she was anything else, she might be aggressive. Although, yesterday, I think I saw her actually wag her tail ~ after two weeks!

2. Vegetables that come in plastic or styrofoam containers. Take green onions, for instance. Why do they have to put the bunches in a sealable plastic bag? First of all, I don't store anything in plastic. Second, what a waste of money. We are, after all, paying for the extra packaging. And, third, helloooooo, ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT!!!! Same goes for romaine or iceberg lettuce, mushrooms, squash. Note to grocers: Lay it out in bulk, give us the option of paper or plastic bags and let us purchase what we want! You want to know how freakin' old I am ~ I remember when that's they way it was back in the day!

3. I am so sick of remodeling my house. I will never, never, NEVER do this again. I will never look at a house or condo and see its potential. I will never buy a house or condo with the specific idea that if I do this, and this, and this, it will be exactly what I want. I will never buy another house or condo that needs anything but my furniture to make it mine. Just don't throw it up in my face and embarrass me when I do exactly the opposite.

4. I admit it. I tried one. It took me a long time before I did, but I ordered one. A Kentucky Fried Chicken Mashed Potato Bowl. Ewww. Ewww. Ewww. One of the worst things I've ever eaten.

5. The people who work in the purchasing department at Wally World...or for those of you uninitiated, WalMart, also known as Walmarts (why the plural? I have no idea)... or Sam's Club (owned by Wally World and a low end Price Club or Costco). Every time I try something new or they start carrying a brand I consistently use or a specific flavor of something or cut of meat or anything else I routinely buy, they just stop selling it. They don't just run out. They stop selling it altogether. Like the Beer Cheese we bought and loved! They carried it for about a year. We bought it regularly. It was delicious AND Sam's Club was the only place in this entire state that carried it. Then their purchasing department decided to use a different supplier and the new supplier does not carry Beer Cheese and they can't order from the old supplier. So, I'm just out of luck! I really do hate that!

Some Things I Just Don't Get:

1. I read somewhere that Tom Cruise is going to be on Oprah again, the first time since his "Couch Jumping" performance a couple of years ago. Of course, my first reaction is "Sooooo."Luckily, I no longer watch Oprah (I tend to balk at a billionaire celebrity talk show host, whose earnings are as a direct result of her shameless wealth flaunting and self-promotion, telling [read:selling] me the [read:her] true path to spirituality) and I don't watch Tom Cruise in anything either. I'd rather not be subjected to both of them together again for let's hope is the last time.

2. Apparently the first round of economic stimulus checks from the U.S. government are being deposited in bank accounts this week. However, I doubt they will stimulate anything but higher profits for the oil companies.

3. I'd say that Rick Haskins, Executive VP of Marketing for The CW, which airs the program, Gossip Girls (which I want to go on record as clarifying that I have never seen), is kind of out of the loop. You've seen those commercials for that program, haven't you? The ones where the teenagers appear to be having sex with the acronym, OMFG, splashing all over the screen. In an interview with CNN, Mr. Haskins said this acronym could stand for "Oh My Frickin' Goodness." OMFG ! ! !, who is he kidding??

4. I know everyone has seen the Vanity Fair photo of Miley Cyrus and I don't think it matters which side of the coin you're on. Did Miley think it "was artsy", did Miley and her parents know what the photo was going to be like, were Miley's parents on the set all day and did they see the photo, did Vanity Fair manipulate Miley??? What happened on the set vs. what everyone expected in the magazine is, to me, irrelevant. Miley Cyrus is 15 years old. Although she is a huge star making vast amounts of money and has great poise and charm, her "job" requires lots of people around her to help her make her money, publicize her show, movies, concerts, tv appearances and magazine photo shoots. Perhaps Annie Leibovitz captured what all of Miley's "people" did not want you to see. The photo of this girl appearing unclothed, grasping at a sheet, showed Miley at her utmost innocence and vulnerability, and insinuated that this 15 year old girl can be used by anyone, and perhaps she is.

5. As I am writing this, Goldie is laying on floor behind me, sound asleep, snoring. Not just a little-rumble-in-the-nose snoring. It is that deep, honkin' rolling echoing snore! Like the kind of snoring Tom used to do that would force me to seek quieter quarters within our home in the middle of the night before he so mercifully surrendered himself to our Ear, Nose and Throat doctor for surgery. I've reached and tapped her butt with my foot twice already and she doesn't even twitch. I guess after five years of nothing but pregnancy and puppies, I'd be that tired, too.

SO, FINALLY. . .yes, indeed it is Friday. Part of my Friday routine when I was working ~ and commuting ~ was to listen to a local radio station that spent two hours every week day evening from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM playing "Drive Time Requests". On my way home, I would call in from my car and request this song and Becky Rogers, the DJ, would play it. I don't know, it just started my weekend just right. How about yours?

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