Thursday, April 24, 2008

“Basically my wife was immature. I'd be at home in the bath and she'd come in and sink my boats.” ~ Woody Allen

What is it with men? They always retain that less-than-charming quality of immaturity.

You know what I think? Boys mature until they reach about 13 years old, then some gene or chromosome fails to separate or divide and Bam!!!....they stop maturing. Okay, not completely. You see, there are other choromosomes or genes that take over, but they just don't complete the work so there is always that one area that remains completely immature. That would be the weiner or boner area. Rest assured, I'm not talking about the size of this area, just the attitude they take towards the area.

Now, I am mature enough to know that it is really called a penis. But that escapes most men, including my husband. For men, it is the the weiner or boner area and this area provides them with a never-ending reservoir of jokes.

Which actually brings me to my point. We were watching Good Morning America this morning. Tom was filling his water bottles and packing his lunch. I was drinking coffee and blankly watching the television.

Me: "Did you hear that? They've substantiated the old wives' tale."

Tom: "What old wives' tale?"

Me: "A study has shown that if a woman ingests a lot of calcium during her pregnancy, she is more likely to have a boy."

Tom: "Hey, gotta grow that boner!" Which was accompanied by the typically pre-pubescent male groin thrusting/weiner waving stance.

I rest my case.

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