Friday, June 15, 2007

Some Things Friday for June 15, 2007

I don't know where to begin except to say that I can't believe it is Friday already.
I woke up exhausted this morning because for the third time this week, the young woman (read: newly graduated from high school, no job, no responsibilities, regular party girl) who lives across the street from us, took her partying to her front yard. Last night at 3:00 a.m. we were relieved of our sweet slumber by her arrival home ~ obviously from a party of some sorts ~ and her very loud, very drunk conversations and laughter with her companion/driver.

This past Monday and Tuesday her partying was confined to her house along with a few hundred of her closest friends... I remind you that she lives across the street and our bedroom is at the front of our house.

Monday night. You know the picture ~ cars parked up and down the street, cars coming and going, loud car stereos, kids coming and going, loud conversations, revving car engines. Midnight, 1:00 a.m., 2:00 a.m., 3:00 a.m. ~ whew, it's finally over. Then the next morning, beer cans and trash up and down the street.

Tuesday night. It started early. Cars up and down the street before dark. At midnight, Tom got out of bed and went over to the neighbors house. This was the second time in less than a month that he'd gone over during the party to talk to the parents. They are always apologetic,

THE PARENTS: We assure you this isn't a regular occurrence
TOM: It's getting to be a regular occurrence
THE PARENTS: The kids have just graduated from high school, you know
TOM: So we all have to suffer?
THE PARENTS: We'll keep it down
TOM: I don't want you to keep it down, I want it to stop
THE PARENTS: We are really sorry!

Then it takes them over an hour to empty out the house and street, along with much loud, drunk conversations, revving engines, etc, etc, etc. But, the parents did make one improvement: they put a trash can out in front of their house for the underage drinkers ~ and now, drivers ~ to dispose of their beer cans.

Tom and I have agreed that we will call the police next time. He will talk to the neighbors this afternoon to let them know our next course of action. Since we live in a circle with only two entrances, the police can post officers at the ends of each exit and stack up underage drunk or drinking drivers like cards.

So, yes, I am cranky this morning and have very little good to say about anything, but I will try to behave. So, here we go...

Some Things I Love:

1. Mike's Place for my birthday dinner last night. Did I overindulge? I'm afraid I did, but I didn't have dessert, so it balances out: The Appetizer ~ Fried Calamari (perfectly tender and not rubbery) with Remoulade Sauce. Dinner (no salad, please) ~ Two Softshell Crabs with Bernaise Sauce on the side, Cajun Mashed Potatoes and Tender-Crisp Broccoli ~ Beringer Founders Reserve Merlot. Heaven, I'm in heaven...

2. For my birthday, Tom gave me two bottles of perfume. One fragrance, Gio, that I wear mostly in the summer and another new fragrance by Burberry. He also gave me 4 adirondack chairs that I can paint any color I want! I can even paint flip-flops on them.

5. That I am up at 6:30 a.m. this morning , no matter what happened the night before, and that little b***ch across the street is home in her cozy bed sleeping it off. I want to go over and bang on her door and ring the doorbell just to wake her up. Then when she's gone back to bed, I want to do it again. And again. And again. Just to give her an idea of what it feels like.

Some Things I Just Don't Get:

1. The man suing for $34 Million dollars for a pair of pants lost by the dry cleaners. You could put all my clothes together and they still wouldn't be worth the price of that pair of pants. Seriously, who does this guy think he's kidding?

2. Zero is the new size 6. They didn't even make Zero back in the day! Do you know what Zero means? Nothing... it literally means "nothing." Who would want to strive to be nothing?

3. The new series, John from Cincinatti. I tried to watch it. I really did. But I could not even make it through the first episode. I believe this is going to be another Seinfeld for me. Everyone will love it and will be devoted to it. I just won't ever get it.

4. Paris Hilton's whining. She said to Barbara Walters in her jailhouse interview, "my skin is so dry, there's no cream here, but it doesn't matter, I'm not that superficial a girl." Oh, of course you're not! We believe you!... Yeah, right.

5. What made Scooter Libby think he could get out of going to jail? Let's see, would you or I have that opportunity? Would the judge say, "Sure, stay out of jail while you appeal your conviction, no matter how long it takes."? No, I don't think so. Hey, Scooter. March your ass to jail just like the rest of us would have to do. YOU sit in jail while your attorney makes his appeal case on your behalf. That is how it is done in the real world. Welcome to it.

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