Friday, May 3, 2013

Mother Nature's Weather Crisis

There's snow on the ground in the northern part of the state. Snow in May. And earlier in the week, it was 80+ degrees and I drove around with the top down on my convertible.

This morning, with temps in the mid-40's, I put away my flip-flops for a couple of days and pulled my winter socks back out of my sock drawer. Warmer weather won't return until next week sometime, but I've decided to think positive and be prepared. I hung my sunglasses over the rear view mirror and tossed a wide brimmed visor into the front seat of my car.


altadenahiker said...

I will gladly trade our 98 degrees for two of your 45's. I'm throwing in the extra 8 degrees at no additional charge to you.

Terri said...

Your generosity is overwhelming {significant eye rolling}