Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Capons Among Us

Yes, I've been gone a little while. I spent the better part of nearly two weeks at my son's in Washoe Valley, Nevada.

It was cold (for me, at least), but beautiful. We spent a few days hiking the hills around their home and at a park outside of Reno. Another day we drove to Bodie, CA (Oh, Gawd! I miss California), an old deserted mining town where I got some awesome photos.

But, now I'm home. I've settled back in, reluctantly, to the normal flow of things.

While I was gone, Tom recorded all of our favorite programs so I could watch them when I got home. I've been home for two weeks now and I've still not watched everything. I can only take television in little spurts.

Tonight we watched an episode of "Chopped All-Stars" where former Chopped judges were given baskets filled with normal stuff, as opposed to the crap the usual contestants receive.

I think I've expressed my discontent for the "baskets" on previous occasions. Who could make a dish worth a $10,000 prize consisting of gummy bears, yak broth, prickly pears and lamb nuts? I wouldn't even try. But, what's in the baskets for the all-star chefs? Capon, ramps, canned pizza sauce and burrata. Seriously? Who couldn't make a seriously delicious dish with those ingredients?

However, Tom was not concerned with the ultimate dish. He was mesmerized with the capons. De-sexed poultry.

Dialogue from the program:

Judge Aaron Sanchez: "Let's talk about capons!"

Host Ted Allen: "Well, it's a castrated rooster and because of that, it has no sex drive and it's lazy and it just sits around and eats and the results of that being a lot more fat."

My Loving Husband: "Kinda like an old husband..."

{sigh} Do you see what I'm dealing with here?

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