Saturday, October 13, 2012

My Voice ~ Second Day

Day two.

I'm trying to write a guest post for another blog, Desperately Seeking {Gina}. I've spent all afternoon trying to pull it together. How hard can it be to write a post about Pumpkin Walnut Baklava? Apparently, extremely hard.

I can't find the right words. Everything seems muddled. I can't preview what I've written because I have to create it in an email. I'm sort of freaking out. I've completed about half of it. It's not enough.

I'm thinking I need to spend some real quality time with my friend Suzie learning Tai Chi. She teaches it. I want to learn it. Focus. Calmness. Awareness. Deliberate movement.

Maybe I just need her to hug me.

Or maybe I need to hug my sons, daughters-in-law and grandchildren....and my cousin, aunt and favorite niece and her children.

Maybe I just need to be held.....for a very long time.

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