Friday, August 3, 2012

Some Things Friday for August 3, 2012 - The I Hate This Summer Version

August already. I say already, but it seems like time has stood still. It's so hot, it feels like the earth has stopped moving. Every day is the same. 100+° every single day with no end in sight. I think Tom and I have eaten dinner outside on the patio only once since the beginning of June. It's just too hot. I have cabin fever..... in the freaking summer!

Some Thing I Love:

1. Snow!! Ice storms even. Now please.

2. At least we finally got some rain. Yesterday I drove through a little storm in the morning and today another rain storm filled our pond. Of course, it creates unbearable humidity. Can't win.

3. Our trip to Fresno and Reno later this month. First a visit with my cousin and my favorite Aunt Sally, then to visit Mike and Kathy. No casinos for me, but I'll be sure to hit Sushi Club at least once.

4. Yesterday, as I sat in the waiting room of the outpatient surgical center of our local hospital, I watched pregnant women, one after another make their way through the revolving door going to and from the doctors' offices on the second and third floors of the building. I was reminded of how beautiful a woman's body is when she's pregnant. While so many folks thought this 1991 cover photo of pregnant Demi Moore was offensive, I thought it was simply beautiful.


5. There's a beauty salon in town called Hello Gorgeous and they answer their phone by simply saying, "Hello Gorgeous!" When my friend Suzie is feeling a little down about herself and needs a little pick me up, she calls the beauty shop and after she hears "Hello Gorgeous!" she replies, "Thanks. I really needed to hear that!"

Some Things I Hate:

1. Have I mentioned this summer? I thought about moving back to Tahoe. That last time I lived there, it snowed in June. Then I thought better of it because I'd probably bitch about that, too.

2. People who use their religion as an excuse to hate.

3. Being obsessed about the weather! Just stop it, Terri!

4. My dill looked like this in June...

Garden 6-25-2012

Now it looks like this....
Garden 8-3-2012

And my sage has also met with an untimely death...

Garden 8-3-2012

Nearly every single plant in my garden has succumbed to the excessive heat even though we have watered during this horrible drought. When we come back from our trip, it will be time to fire up the Aerogarden.

5. I put on one of my favorite bras the other day. Yes, I DO wear them occasionally when I leave the house. After all, I am a grown up and probably should act like one periodically. Anyway, I generally put them on backwards first, then flip them around, get the sisters situated then pull up the straps. When I reached around to pull the back down a little, my finger poked right through the fabric! Damn.

Some Things I Just Don't Get:

1. I'm sittin' here living my life and minding my own business. Apparently just getting on with my life without all the unnecessary and fabricated drama really bugs the crap out of some people, so they do something to get my attention. Why? Who knows. They're not courageous enough to call, visit or write a letter. No. They'd rather be cowardly, gutless and devious. So, the next time I see the return address or get a whiff of the offensive combination of cigarette smoke, grease and dirt on an envelope or package, I'll toss it in the trash without even opening it.

2. Why I continue to watch the political shows on MSNBC. I yell at the television. Always. Lord knows how much screaming would take place if I ever watched FOX news. I'd probably blow a gasket.

3.  The intense and undying love some people have for pizza. I don't really hate it, but I don't think I could eat it more than a couple of times a year.

4. Okay, what's with all the movie remakes? Footloose. Arrgghh. The remake was awful! Next up, Dirty Dancing. Excuse me, but no one can replace Patrick Swayze.

5.  Why some people think it's okay to wear their pajamas and slippers to WalMart.

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