Friday, June 22, 2012

Some Things ... Just a few things ... Friday

It's Friday. My plan was to start my day sewing and finish by organizing, dusting and vacuuming my office/sewing room, but here I sit. A million things going through my head.

  • I need to start carrying my little green book with me. Tom bought the small journal for me before I took the trip to Las Vegas when my sister passed away. I took lots of notes and was able to write about my experience with some sense of continuity. I think of stuff all the time and I need to write it all down. I've been reading a lot about writing. The books all say the same thing. Write. Write. Write. But I keep procrastinating.
  • I was behind a woman at the grocery store the other day and I couldn't believe what she was buying: chicken nuggets, frozen pizza, boxes of prepackaged everything, four six-packs of plastic bottles filled with colored sugar water and not one fresh piece of meat, vegetable or fruit. No milk. No juice. No eggs. No cheese. No whole grain bread. It's no wonder the children in our country are riddled with illnesses, syndromes and various health maladies. It seems most of them don't eat anything that even resembles real food.
  • I'm so disgusted and offended by the amount of money being donated to both of the presidential campaigns and their super pacs. I wonder what would happen, how the election would turn out, if just one of those two candidates stepped forward and said that he was going to cease using all campaign contributions for campaign ads and other campaign related expenses and donate the massive coffers to the social programs that have been severely cut. How would Mary, who lives on $600 a month, vote? How would Jimmy, the man who cannot afford to buy a new pair of shoes, vote? How would Nichole, the single mom struggling to feed and clothe her three boys because she can't find a job, vote? Yeah, I know it's naive to even consider such a thing.
  • I am so looking forward to visits from family around the first part of July. Mike and Kathy and the girls are arriving a few days after July 4th. Today I'm making t-shirt bags and mailing them to the girls to use for the trip. And a few days before Mike and Kathy arrive, our niece and her kids are  stopping in for a visit. Can. Not. Wait!! Then, of course, we are headed out in August to visit my cousins and aunt in Fresno, then to Mike and Kathy's in Reno. What an awesome summer!
  • June 27th is the new grand opening for the monstrosity known as Kroger Marketplace that is situated just outside our back fence. Here's hoping the construction noise, which has amped up considerably over the last two weeks, will cease in 5 more days. I'm counting.
  • My birthday was last week and my friends made it so special! I worked at the Clothes Closet in the morning and was greeted by a sign on the door,
    a delicious pecan coconut bundt cake (yes, I got the recipe)
    beautiful blue hydrangeas from Suzie's garden
    and a beachy plaque from Dorothy and Judy that expresses my essence and which now sits on the transom in my entry way...

    Thanks to Suzie, Dorothy and Judy, it could not have been any better!

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