Friday, November 4, 2011

NaBloPoMo - Day Four

When we adopted Joe, our mostly Maltese, almost two years ago, we didn't realize he would be so mild mannered. He's not a jumper, doesn't chase balls or other doggie toys and is more likely to be found napping than any other activity.

Joe has taken a liking to Tom. Actually, that is an understatement. Joe has become Tom's dog, his full-time furry companion, so much so that I've considered renaming the white fluff ball Velcro because if it was at all possible, Joe would affix himself to Tom's hip and never let go. But Joe's devotion to Tom has manifested itself in a nasty little habit.

Most days, Tom puts in a full, very physical day's work and perspires heavily. Sweating profusely, no matter what the weather, is just in his DNA. A shower every single day is mandatory.

When Tom gets home, Joe is at his heels from the moment he walks in the door and as Tom gets ready to take his shower, Joe is right there, eyes affixed longingly on his master, patiently waiting for the familiar acknowledgement, "Hey Dude," which is often followed by a scratch behind his ear or under his chin.

Generally Tom leaves his jeans and shirt in the laundry room, so the only thing that winds up briefly on the bathroom floor are his undershorts and socks. You know where I'm going with this, don't you. Once Tom steps into the shower, Joe makes himself comfortable. He begins his love ritual by rubbing his face, one side at a time, in Tom's sweaty, stinky discarded clothing, then curls up in a ball in the middle of his man's sweaty, stinky pile to wait for Tom to appear from the shower.

That's more than love. It's doggie love.


altadenahiker said...

Doggie love knows no boundaries.

Terri said...