Saturday, October 8, 2011

Gemini, the sign of the twins, is a complex sign...

I read my horoscope this morning to see what my week ahead looks like. I like to be prepared.

"The craziest people, on this crazy planet, are those who imagine themselves to be sane. Do you need your head examined this week? Why bother? Examine your heart instead. That process will prove far more helpful and redeeming. Anyway, comparing the heart to the head always seems silly. There is no such thing as a logical emotion! You and I both know what they say about Geminis. We also know that this isn't true. If, this week, you really want to restore calm, structure and success you must acknowledge, honour and act on what you feel."

After the week I've had, arguing with some city council members who mostly talk out of their asses and not receiving any response from the rest of them because they really don't give a crap, my horoscope was surprisingly reassuring. I took a deep breath to contemplate what might be ahead of me for the week, then....

TOM: Did you read John Fugelsang's tweet this morning?

ME: No.

TOM: "Dating a Gemini is the closest thing most people will ever get to a 3-way."

ME: {Head tilted, stank-eye glare}

TOM: {Big grin, eye twinkling} Who am I with now?

I'm really not like that at all...

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