Sunday, August 21, 2011

Vacation Is About To Come To An End

Today is Sunday. We leave Florida tomorrow morning towing our little convertible behind us. It will be nice to drive a small car for a change. I didn't realize how much I missed it until I actually drove it today. I'm glad we were able to help Chris out though when his car stopped running altogether.

I hate to leave Florida. I love it here. Always have since we first visited in the late 1980's. I like it because it's like California, but not California. It's warmer than southern California, but it still has the beach.

Oh, the white powder. It's amazing. Several years ago as our vacation in Clearwater, Florida, came to a close and we were making our way along Gulf Drive, I had Tom stop the car. I jumped out, ziplock bag in hand, ran to the beach and filled the plastic bag with Clearwater Beach sand. I took it home, filled a clear round bowl with it and set some shells on top of it. It reminds me of Florida every time I look at it.

But, we are leaving, hoping the next time we return it will be permanent.


altadenahiker said...

Nothing is warmer than Southern California today. Not Florida, not the Gaza strip, not hell, not anything.

I guess I'm whining.

Terri said...

Whine away Karin. I've been doing it for two months. I completely understand and I will not hold it against you. I promise.