Friday, July 15, 2011

It's Not Winter Yet...

But I've found the perfect cozy sweater for Joe. One that will lift his spirits...

Source: Bridal Musings


altadenahiker said...

Speechless. Unlike your frogs. And don't know which of the two I like better.

Karen said...

First off, my dear sister, I had no way to know that the packages would be sent before I reached San Diego. I put in a change of address the next day after I left. 2 of them should have been automatically forwarded (the ones from USPS), the other 2 I was not aware were coming UPS. You see, someone, who is not being snarky at all, disconnected my computer connection so that I couldn't check on how and when the items would be shipped to avoid any problem.
Secondly, you have neglected to mention that after my surgery on July 1st I was told by my doctor not to lift over 10 lbs. which explains why the big house plant wasn't thown out.
The pee in the bedroom was most likely from YOUR DOG. Dusty NEVER peed on the floor. That is Joe's trick, why you banned him from my room.
You, also fail to mention that I was planning to move out on Aug 3, when I got my next check and was not financially able to do anything other than stay in a cheap but very clean motel for a few days and then take a bus here to San Diego (where I am treated like family,not an object of your complete distain.
The sheets were washed the week before and I warned you before coming about Dusty's shedding. I was brushing her and and using the bissel sweeper as you requested. I know of only 1 fur bunny on the floor. I hope that you can forgive that after getting out of the hospital with a sewn up carotid artery it took alot out of me to have to pack up everything I owned an move it all out.
I, also, offered to pay not only postage to have the packages sent, but to also pay you the same handling charges I had already paid once to the seller.
Please be advised that one of those packages has an item in it worth several hundred dollars. I got it for a steal because I researched it.
If you would rather, I can contact the storage facility and see if they would allow you to enter and put the packages there.
And, oh yah, since your blog is in the public domain, I suggest you watch your lies and exagerations. It's called slander and defamation.