Monday, July 18, 2011

Did You See Them???

Did you watch the World Cup Women's Soccer game between the U.S. and Japan?

I watched about an hour of it. I have now committed to exercising every single day on one condition....I don't want to sweat.

Did you see those women? Running up and down that field, stopping on a dime, kicking other women in the shins, performing acts of extreme acrobatics to avoid fallen bodies, head-butting the ball into the cheap seats, then jumping over tall buildings in a single bound two straight hours....and they didn't even sweat. Okay, a few of them did, but most of them didn't.

If I worked had to work that hard, I would be sweating so profusely that my headband would merely look like rocks in a river, water undulating over them, and I wouldn't even be able to see. My hair would be plastered flat to my head and face. I'd be so breathless, I'd suck all the air out of the stadium until the sides caved.

By contrast, the women on the Japanese team were sweat-free, hair bouncing in the breeze with each stride, able to carry on a conversation with their teammates without vomiting first.

I had much more respect for the women on the U.S. team. They had the dignity at least to pretend they were working hard and perspired occasionally. For that reason alone, they should have won.

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