Friday, April 22, 2011


It seems like this week has lasted forever. I'm glad it's over.

We're headed to Christina and Bill's this Sunday for Easter.

Yesterday, I made my mother-in-law's Easter cheese. Not cheese really...more like curdled custard eggs smooshed together into a ball with a tight layer of cheesecloth...but oh so tasty. About a year and a half ago, my mother-in-law came over to help me make it for the first time and it was a rousing success.


The photos of yesterday's solo flight are still in the camera, but I am hoping it turns out okay. I'm sure if it's not, my father-in-law will be the first to let me know. He's not shy that way.

So, at the end of what seems like a forever kinda week, what's on my mind?

First, my kids and grandkids. I miss them all so much. It has been so long since I've visited with either of my sons and their families, I'm sort of like in withdrawals.

Trump the is unbelievable to me that any self-respecting journalist would give this guy the time of day. And, yet, they do and all of them are falling all over each other to interview him. I mean...really...what kind of person goes on a rampage because an entertainer withdraws from a fundraiser? Especially after said entertainer (Jerry Seinfeld) makes a personal donation to the fundraiser? The dude is thin skinned and a little psycho and do we really need that in the Oval Office? I think not. Sorry Trump, all your money does not make you interesting, nor does it make you qualified. You're NOT HIRED!

Prince William and Kate Middleton are getting married. You mean you haven't heard? It's all over the media. Even the news apps on my iPhone have sections dedicated to coverage of the royal wedding. You'd think there would be other, more important news to cover, like three wars, a nuclear disaster in Japan, historic joblessness, a lousy economy, women's rights being attacked on the floor of know, those measly annoying tidbits that get in the way of covering the real...the

A couple of years ago, Tom bought me a green leather-bound journal so I could note my thoughts, experiences or interesting quotes I hear, mostly for remembering all of it when it comes time to write a blog post. Going back and reading some of the things I've written in that journal, some never posted, it's interesting to me how I can observe or completely understand and articulate in simple terms life events one day, then conveniently forget or ignore them the next day or week or month or year.

Someday I really have to write about family behaviors, coping mechanisms, language and terminology, voice inflections...are passed on without family members acknowledging or even being aware of it. I want to explore the foundations on which our behaviors are built and the emotions associated with them. I don't know when, but sometime soon.

So, before the whole morning gets away from me, I need to head out to the post office, make a trip to the store and firm up my plans for dinner - I'm going to attempt to bring to life my new creation, French Onion Soup Sandwich (caramelized onions and melted gruyere and fontina cheeses grilled on sourdough bread) because April is 'Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month.' Who knew?

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter holiday! Be safe if you travel. Be thankful if you don't.

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kathryn said...

Happy Easter! We will miss everyone! See you soon!!