Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Blogoversary to Me!

Wow. Four years and 540 posts. Who knew I had so much to say.

Four years ago I started this as a chronicle of my quest to become a beginning runner and found that walking was probably the best I would ever do, although I continue to fantasize about being a runner. I'm good at fantasizing. An expert, in fact.

Maybe all the words I've written were just a lot of blah, blah, blah for some people, but for me they've been a catharsis, a therapy session, a stand-up comedy show, a political soap box and a friendly chat.

I've shared my family, my squabbles, my losses, my achievements, my loves, my house and my garden. I've complained, bitched, moaned and groaned. I've analyzed, criticized, agonized and conceptualized.

I have not shared every intimate detail of my life. Those sorts of things are reserved for closest family members and friends. But, no matter what, in this blog I have remained true to myself, my thoughts, feelings and sensibilities. Oddly enough, many of you continue to follow my almost daily blabbering, and even more surprising, feel moved to comment or email me. I thank you for all of your comments and emails....funny, supportive, abusive or otherwise. I have appreciated all of them. Really.

In all seriousness, thanks, my family and friends, for being here for me.

What's on the horizon? I have no idea. Some days I feel in control and other days I feel like life controls me. In either case, rest assured, I will continue to write about it ad nauseum until you begin rolling your eyes and your mouse-clicking finger starts to twitch. No worries. I have the perfect respite for you. Take your finger off that mouse...sit back, relax, take in the beautiful seascapes and find your zen place...

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