Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 12 - Something you never get compliments on.

From Thirty Days of Truth

Well, now, that particular request would assume there is something I want someone to compliment me on but they never do.

Quite honestly, I'm not especially all that talented or gifted. I don't do hoards of things really well that would warrant a compliment. My work life has been rewarded very well (on most occasions anyway), my cooking skills have not gone unrecognized and I'm told I make a really nice rag quilt.

But, I guess if I have to take the request at face value and answer accordingly, something I never get compliments on is my feet. They aren't particularly unattractive, but I wouldn't want them on the cover of a magazine either. I give myself a pedicure sporadically. I keep my feet clean, but I have callouses on my heals from walking barefoot so much during the spring and summer. I have one of those razor-like callous removers that I use when I give myself the infrequent pedicures. That just might be too much information.

I try to keep my toenails shaped and polished, but during the winter it's almost a waste of time since I'm always wearing socks and crocks, tennis shoes (why do I still call them that) or UGGS. It's not until late spring when I break out the flip-flops, then I'm more foot-attentive.

Most of the time, my feet are in move-along-there's-nothing-to-see-here mode, and everyone obliges.

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