Friday, October 29, 2010

Some Things Friday for October 29, 2010

Let's just get to it shall we??

  • Wow. Just wow. What a week in the press, huh? Vicious racist ads from Sharron Angle's campaign; Joe Miller's decline in Alaska after admitting he lied about being fired, which opens the door to a possible historic write-in win for Lisa Murkowski; Jerry Brown taking the lead in California even though Meg Whitman has spent $150 million of her own hard earned money; the disgustingly sexist anonymous article on about Christine O'Donnell's "one night stand" (I won't give you the link; you'll have to go find it on your own); Clint McCance, a school board member here in Arkansas, rants about gay teens and how he hopes they all commit suicide then resigns his position on the school board during an interview with Anderson Cooper and that's not even all of it. Did you see the video of the Rand Paul goon stomping the head of a protester? Wikileaks has released 400,000 more documents pertaining to the Iraq war....and NO ONE is talking about the contents. WTF is that all about? Joy Behar ranting "bitch" this and "bitch" that about Sharron Angle. Note to Joy: Girl, it makes you look just as over-the-top as Angle. And, finally, our President is interviewed by Jon Stewart on the Daily Show. Stewart's questions were on point. Sadly, our President's answers...not so much. I can't wait until it's all over. November 3rd will be wall-to-wall analysis...maybe even November 4th, 5th and 6th...then those who must will begin campaigning for 2012. Ugggghhhh!!!

  • I've been thinking about family behavior patterns. We all have them. We do things or say things exactly like our parents without even thinking about it. It's odd that objective onlookers see them clearly, but those practicing the learned behaviors don't see it at all and continue to pass the behavior on like a family heirloom.

  • I'm sick of the color orange...all shades. I'm sick of pumpkins. I'm sick of broomstick people and autumn leaf wreathes. Sunday at about 9:00 pm it will all be over and we can move on to turkeys, pilgrims, cranberries and whatever else represents the beginning of the Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday season. How did we get so immersed in all the trivial minutiae of every single "holiday"? When did we become so anal retentive? I think it might be just me.

  • I finally went to get a mammogram. I was worried because I felt a small lump in my right breast, but the radiologist said everything was normal. I think it was just a knotted muscle because the lump is gone now. Whew!

  • Hagan's birthday quilt is coming along. I think I can start putting it together this weekend. Speaking of putting things together, I am also making my own market bags from old t-shirts. They only take about 45 minutes to make, from start to finish and it's a great way to recycle. You cut the sleeves and the neck of the t-shirt. For the neck, I use a bowl to make the cut line even...

    Turn the t-shirt inside out and stitch to bottom hem together. I sew two seams about an 1/8th of an inch apart to make sure it's secure...

    I turn the cuts on the sleeves and neckline to the inside, folding twice to make a nice edge and sew the new hem in place...

    Turn the new bag right side out and Voila! You have a new market bag, or a bag for carrying just about anything.

    When I was taking the Strong Women class, I carried my weights, yoga mat and towel. It worked perfectly.

So, that is pretty much it for the week. The weather has finally broken and it feels like fall, so I am a little more chipper. Tom doesn't have anything going on today so he is waiting for me to finish this and take a shower so we can do our grocery shopping for the week...together. I take the list. He pushes the basket. I walk purposefully through the store. He meanders. Oh yes, we have a wonderful time.


Anonymous said...

What a great idea! I am so impressed. What a great way to recycle clothing. You're my hero!

gina said...

Hey Terri! Are you planning on attending the Arkansas Women Blogger's event on December 11th? I'm considering going.