Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy 41st Anniversary Tom!

I have been thinking a lot about how to honor this day, 41 years of my life with you.

I thought about writing about what it's been like to be married to you, but I couldn't do that without chronicling the events that we've experienced together and that would be a book, not a blog post.

Instead, I thought I would merely list some of the things I love about you.

I love that you are a big guy in stature, but have such a gentle nature.

I love your compassion and acceptance of people, regardless of their background or politics or any other differences.

I love how you love me so openly and never hesitate to display your affection.

I love that you sometimes bring me flowers for no reason except that you love me.

I love how you quietly reach out and hold my hand when we are watching television or a movie.

I love that you cry at the touching or sad parts of movies or television shows, sometimes even before me.

I love that you love our sons no matter what.

I love how you show your grandchildren how much you love them, even when they are being their silliest or most outlandish.

I love how you work so hard with rarely a complaint and I love how proud you are of the work you do.

I love you for teaching our sons their basic work skills and work ethic.

I love how you took care of my mom while I established myself at my new job, making sure she went to her doctor's appointments, took her meds, everything, including fighting with her doctor to finally get her tested for dementia.

I love how you are so comfortable in your own skin.

I love your confidence.

I love your integrity.

I love how charming and charismatic you are.

I love how other people, especially women and children, gravitate towards you because you are so warm and safe.

I love how strong you are, even though you don't think you're not as strong as you used to be.

I love that you really love vegetables.

I love how your arms wrap all the way around me when you give me a hug.

I love how you always touch me, on the shoulder or back or head, when you pass by me in a room.

I love that you always want to kiss me good-bye, even when you're only going to the store.

I love you because I can tell you anything and you're never shocked and always supportive.

I love you because I don't ever have to pretend.

I love you because you always tell the truth, no matter what.

I love that you make coffee for us every single morning.

I love that you cook the best pasta dishes I've ever eaten and you enjoy doing it.

I love that you put on cologne after your shower even though we are staying home and it's only for me.

I love you because I can completely trust you.

I love you because you have taught me so much about myself.

I love that you tell me you love me every night before we go to sleep.

I love the smell of your skin in the morning.

I love you because you are my soul mate, and you believe I am yours.

I love you because you are the sexiest man I know.

I love all the little quotes we use that no one else understands, like how we sometimes start a phone conversation with "And let me tell you why..."

I love you because you are the first person who ever really loved me unconditionally.

I love that you think I'm pretty and sexy whether I'm skinny or fat.

I love that you make laugh every single day, no matter what is going on.

I love you because you are a nicer person than me.

I love you for sharing with me the best 41 years of my life.

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Alison said...

If only everyone could experience even a 3rd of those things in their life with someone!!! I was lucky enough to get some/most of them in the very short time that I once had.