Friday, July 3, 2009

Summer has set in with its usual severity. ~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge

If it's like this and it's only June, I don't want July and August! I'm already tired of the heat.

This morning I'm miserable. I didn't sleep hardly at all last night, so I'm exhausted. It felt like 80 degrees in our bedroom (it was only 74 degrees, I checked ~ thanks to the cool clock Mike & Kathy gave me for Christmas one year that gives me everything but the headlines news). The fan was going all night and has been for a month now. Tom and Poop Dawg (no longer is she G-Doggie, with good reason) snored all night long. My hips were killing me, even though I took ibuprofen BEFORE I went to bed. My left shoulder hurts when I lay on it too long, and, of course, I sleep mostly on my left side. And, I'm sitting here in the middle of a hot flash! Next week, I'm going to Dr. Trussell and getting some more little green pills. I can't take it any more!

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