Thursday, July 2, 2009

A government that is big enough to give you all you want is big enough to take it all away. ~ Barry Goldwater

If I were still living in California today, I would be pissed off, irate, belligerent, livid and up-in-arms.

On Tuesday, I read this post @ Altadena Hiker, which gave me the first hint of park closures in California. WTH?? So, I went searching the news sites. Sure enough, Ahhh-nold is planning to close about 80% of California's state parks and firing 1,500 park rangers.

And, before we left for vacation, I was talking to my cousin, Rickey, about taking a trip out there in September and all of us going camping at New Brighton (on the beach) or Seacliff (on the beach) State Parks! It doesn't look like camping at our favorite beach state parks will be on our agenda.

New Brighton and Seacliff are on the cut list. So is Leo Carillo, Carlsbad, Torrey Pines, Morro Bay, Half Moon Bay, Natural Bridges and Sunset Beaches and Parks (you can see the full list here). All of those places I camped or visited so often as a child and then as an adult with my children. What a tragedy.

I am so mad and sad! But, I still miss California.

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