Monday, May 18, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook for Monday, May 18, 2009


Outside my window...the sun is shining...finally!!...but it's a little cool, only 58 degrees this morning. The stormy, rainy, yukky weather brought in a cold front :(

Waiting…for 1:00pm today. We are supposed to close escrow on our flip house. We've owned the house for nearly two years (spent about 4 months renovating it, then put it on the market where it sat for nearly a year and a half). The buyers handled their part of the escrow by mail, have signed their papers and sent them back to the title company. All we have to do is sign our papers this afternoon and pick up a check.

Catching up on…blogging. I have felt a little out of sorts lately. I don't know whether it was the weather or just a creative slump, but I have accomplished very little in the last week.

I am thinking...about my afternoon. Deposit a nice big check, come home, log on the internet and click the "Buy Now" button on the Best Buy website for a new washing machine and dryer that are saved in my wishlist. Tomorrow, I will go buy a new camera that will replace my sorry little digital point and shoot. HooRay!!!

I am thankful for...the great job the clinic did on G-Doggie. We had her spayed last Saturday at the Humane Society clinic rather than at our vet's...only because it was less than half price. Anyway, when Tom picked up G-Doggie, the vet who did the surgery came out and told him that she did fine, but he could tell that she was, at one time, a one dog puppy mill because she had excessive bleeding in her uterine area, a sure sign that she has been bred since her first heat and never given a rest in between. No more puppies for that girl!!

From the kitchen...NOTHING!! I am not cooking tonight. We are going out to dinner to celebrate!

I am wearing... brown cropped work out pants, an over-sized brown and white t-shirt and flip-flops.

I am creating... a new light fixture for over the kitchen island. Actually, I'm not creating it, but I'm going to tweak it a little to match the color of the light over the dining table.

I am going... to finish this, change my flip-flops and put on running shoes, and go to Tucker Creek Trail for Week 2 of my run/walk. I haven't been there for two weeks because of the rain, but I'm still going to try Week 2.

I am reading...nothing at the moment. I'm sort of between books.

I am hoping...the real estate Karma Gods have been appeased and everything goes smoothly for our closing this afternoon.

I am remembering…the great festivals and craft/art fairs in California. Two weeks ago, here in Conway, we had Toad Suck Daze, which takes Tom and me about 36-1/2 minutes to completely walk through, although we haven't been in probably 5 years or so (when it's not raining) and Memorial Day Weekend is Riverfest in Little Rock, which often has some really good concert performers (this year Willie Nelson, 3 Doors Down, Heart and the B-52's, among others, will be performing ~ a really good, diverse line up), but the craft fair part just sucks and isn't worth the time. The craft fairs and festivals here cannot compare with the events we used to go to when we lived in San Diego County ~ the Fall Fair and Spring Fair in Carlsbad, the Harbor Days Street Fair in Oceanside, the San Diego County Fair, the Valhalla Renaissance Faire at Lake Tahoe, the San Diego Home and Garden Show. I suppose I'm feeling rather melancholy this morning, ya think?

I am hearing...Rod next door, as he is pulling stuff out of his garage and gets ready to work on his house again today (he's a professor at a local college and has the summer off, so he has lots of time on his hands).

Around the is quiet.

One of my favorite things... is just sitting on a beach somewhere watching the sunset.

A few plans for the rest of the week …painting the baseboard in the kitchen and dining area, sewing the tiller cover for Tom's boat, making some market bags out of old t-shirts and starting another church newsletter.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...

This is me and my sons when we took one of our many trips to San Diego Bay. If you guessed it was in the mid-80's you would be right. Look at those sunglasses!

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UKZoe said...

Good for you on doing the right thing for your dog, wish more people could be persuaded to do the same.

Snap said...

Hope the closing went without a hitch and your new washer and dryer are on the way! Enjoy dinner out. Isn't it horrible how people treat animals ... so glad your new doggie has a new and loving home.

Crystal said...

I cam by via the Simple Woman site. Congratulations on selling the house! Enjoy the celebration and the new 'treats'. What kind of camera will you buy? Hope this week is a blessed one for you.

Karen said...

Your posting is so funny. I was giggling out loud again (and not for the first time). By the way, your witness protection name would, actually, be Kaye Norman. You could start a cosmetic company! And my superhero name would be The Orange Yoo-Hoo. I may take up booze again.