Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy Blogoversary to Me!

I can hardly believe it has been two years since I started this blog...April 18, 2007.

What started as a blog to chronicle my desire and progress to become a casual runner became an outlet more for my inside world than my outside, physical world. I kind of let it all hang out, so to speak. Sometimes it was a good thing. Sometimes not so good. But, it has always been an outlet for me; a way to explore how I feel about things in my life, people in my life and simply life in general.

I have shared my struggle with my weight, a challenge I continue to lose because I eat too much, sometimes drink too much and for the life of me cannot find the motivation to participate in any sort of continuous exercise. Maybe that will come this next year.

I have shared my feelings about and my relationship with Tom, addressing just about everything but the sex (yes, even in our sixties), which is just about the only thing I will not share because my kids, grandkids and my dear Aunt Sally read this blog.

I have shared my love and my relationships with my sons, Mike and Chris, my daughters-in-law, Kathy and Kelly, and my grandkids (in order of age), Zak, Jacob, Thomas, Hagan, Lily and Zoey. Sometimes they may have laughed with me and other times been angry with me.

I have shared our continuous home remodeling project, still in progress. And I have shared the growing comfort I feel living in this house as we transform it into something that belongs to us and not the previous owner. I can honestly say, I feel better about living in this house than almost any other house we've owned in the 40 years Tom and I have been together.

I shared my disappointment and anger at the sexism and misogyny in the political process and our country, and, yes, that Hillary is not our President. But, I have also shared my acknowledgment of what an awesome achievement is was that Barack Obama became our President.

I shared my confusion, questions and sometimes disbelief in the behavior, morals (or lack of them), thought processes (or lack thereof) of our society, along with my admiration of some of the kindnesses, dignities and achievements of my fellow citizens.

I have bored my readers with continual remunerations about my likes, dislikes, the weather, my garden, my former job, my church and my grandchildren's accomplishments. And, to all of you who have hung around to read each word, make comments and send emails, I am so grateful.

So what have I learned these past two years?

  • First of all, this blog is first and foremost for me. If I have offended anyone with my comments or rantings, I apologize. But I will continue to write because it is MY blog. I accept full responsibility for my behavior, my thoughts, my feelings and my words.

  • Second, my life is not really all that interesting. I'm glad I have the Simple Woman's Daybook, Some Things Friday, Wordless Wednesday and other miscellaneous meme's as mediums to lean on and through which I can share my ideas, my feelings and my musings since I might otherwise not have much to say in between my lightening bolt thoughts.

  • Finally, it's okay with me that I'm not that interesting or special. What I've learned is that having the most or the best stuff, or working for the best company, or making the most money, or having the most accomplished children, or having the cutest and smartest grandchildren, or being the most educated, or the most knowledgeable, or the most charming, or the funniest, or the thinnest is not important. There will always be someone richer, smarter, thinner, funnier, more accomplished than I am. That's okay. I am finally completely comfortable with being ordinary. As a matter of fact, it's a relief because I no longer feel like I have anything to prove or anything to hide or keep secret.

  • Considering everything...where I've been, what I've done, what I've accomplished, where I've failed...I've been pretty lucky and I really do love my life. I agree with a comment left by Terri @ A Daily Obsession, I am so very blessed!

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