Thursday, October 16, 2008

One Good Reason for Doing the Right Thing is Tomorrow

I am feeling extremely lazy. I'm also feeling extremely hesitant to write anything for fear that it will come across as angry, since I'm feeling rather cranky today. Sometimes I feel like no matter what I write or how I write it, someone will twist it, warp it's meaning or distort the conclusion. So words do not come easy these days while I'm feeling vulnerable and raw.

Yeah, I know. You think I'm holding back. Well, actually I'm not. I write stuff in my private diary, where I keep my most intimate thoughts and feelings.

Anyway, as I travel the internet, perusing blogs and such, I copy interesting meme's for use at times like these, when I feel like I need a little push. I don't remember where I got this one, but I'm using it just the same.

I am not: a liar, nor am I a stupid or terrible person, no matter what some people may think
I hear: the television in the kitchen ~ Good Morning America
I regret: so many little things in my life, but I have realized I can't undo whatever I've done
I care: when I really shouldn't
I always: look for the good in people
I long to: be retired
I feel alone: sometimes, but Tom doesn't let me feel like that for very long
I hide: my disappointment sometimes
I drive: as little as possible and when I do drive, I try to always drive my most economical car
I sing: when I'm driving or cleaning the house
I dance: but it's not pretty
I write: because I need to get all this stuff out of my head
I breathe: to live
I play: in my garden and yard
I miss: living near family, but I'm not willing to jeopardize my future to do so
I search: within and I'm always self-examining
I say: very little when I'm part of a crowd; I am the consummate introvert
I feel: old today.
I succeed(ed): at having a loving marriage
I fail(ed): at being a good mom
I dream: of traveling someday
I sleep: on the left side of the bed
I wonder: why people feel the need to belittle, degrade and vilify those people with whom they disagree
I want: to improve the quality of my health
I worry: about everything
I have: everything I need, materially
I give: as much as I am able, usually to my detriment
I fight: rarely. There is very little worth fighting over that can't be resolved in other ways
I am: going to apply for a job, even though I'm old
I can’t: hide that I feel things deeply and some people take advantage of that
I stay: at Hampton Inns when I travel
I will: always reject hateful, sarcastic and bullying behavior, overt or covert
I can: be a drama queen, although Tom is quick to call me on it
I would: be happy anywhere, I think
I might: take a photography class in the spring
I like: learning anything new
I love: Tom
I smile: when I watch Jon & Kate Plus 8
I frown: when Tom turns on the television to watch the news
I read: anything that interests me, as long as it is well written and thoughtful, even if I disagree with the writer
I work: at trying to be a good person

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