Monday, September 15, 2008

The Palin Effect

Last Friday, Tom came home early, showered and ran errands all afternoon using a list that I gave him. You know, stuff like paying a bill, returning some things at Lowes, taking Goldie to get her nails clipped and a trip to the liquor store.

I stayed home and paid other bills over the internet, shredded a pile of mail sitting on the office floor and generally cleaned the office.

When he and Goldie returned from their outing, our conversation went like this...

Tom: Well, did you think about what you were going to feed me tonight? (chuckle)

Me (ignoring his chuckle): No, I haven't even thought about it. I have been working.

Tom (chuckle AND smirk): You are so inept at household and wifely duties. Why don't you run for Vice President?

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