Friday, August 22, 2008

Chains do not hold a marriage together. It's threads, hundreds of tiny threads which sew people together through the years ~ Simone Signoret

Today is Mike and Kathy's 21st wedding anniversary. Twenty one years together and now they have three kids, the oldest of whom is 17 and has a soul patch (yes, it's a boy) !!

You would think after so many years I would have many "married" memories of their life together, and you would be right. But, I have one very precious, very special memory.

When Mike and Kathy were dating, they had an automobile accident and both of them began visiting Dr. Wofford, the same chiropractor I had been visiting.

One afternoon when I arrived at the parking lot for Dr. Wofford's office, Mike and Kathy were just leaving. I pulled into a parking place and stopped my car just across the aisle from them. They didn't notice me because Mike had parked his car in the same direction as mine, but I saw they were having a conversation. Mike was sitting in his car with the door open and Kathy was squatting down on the pavement, holding the inside of the car door for balance.

I put my car in park, set the emergency brake and turned off the ignition and as I gathered up my purse and jacket, I looked up again and saw that Mike was talking, but rather than look at Kathy, he was looking out his front windshield. Kathy still in her squat, holding steady, was looking up at Mike with full attention, her eyes wide.

I sat still, watching them. I didn't want to interrupt but I still felt like an intruder. I don't think it was meant to be, but this was a private moment. I watched Kathy's face, the way she looked at my son, and I started to tear up. Oh my God, she's in love with him, I thought. Not just in-like, but really deeply in love with him.

Mike was still talking, but he turned to face Kathy, then reached down and touched her cheek briefly with his fingers. She didn't move, but continued looking at him.

Whew! How did I miss that? Where have I been? Mike was no longer "mine," my little boy, my teenager, my growing young man. I hadn't noticed before that moment that he was already gone, already living another phase in his life. But, when I saw them look at each other; when I saw the way she looked at him, I knew he would be okay.

Happy Anniversary, Mike and Kathy !!

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