Friday, July 18, 2008

Some Things Friday for July 18, 2008

I haven't done one of these in a while, so I guess this is the best way to end the week.

Some Things I Love:

1. My Aunt Sally. She had a close call this last weekend ~ a mild heart attack. Doctors put in a pacemaker and she came through with flying colors. Besides the fact that she is probably one of the warmest, most loving people I know, my favorite thing about her is that she can talk and laugh at the same time. She is the only person I know that can accomplish that feat without spitting or drooling all over herself.

2. Boating, swimming, wading... anything to do with water. We spent all day on the lake last Saturday, and because I was floating in the water on a noodle chair for the better part of the day I got exceedingly sunburned (yes, even with sunscreen). I did have the opportunity to take some photos. The first is Tom (duh!) in his usual lake garb ~ bathing suit and panama jack hat ~ and the second is our lunch. Tom got up early and boiled some shrimp, which we ate with horseradish cocktail sauce. We bagged vegetables (served with a little ranch dressing for dipping), fruit (served with vanilla yogurt for dipping) and packed lots of bottled water.

3. This time of year it is iced coffee. I try to start the day with a cup of hot coffee, but I wind up pouring most of it into a glass filled with ice and sweetened with one of those coffeemate creamers. My favorite? Italian Sweet Cream ~ just a teaspoon or so. Mmmmmm.

4. Getting my desk organized after a few weeks of denial.

5. A few months ago, I was asked to do a family tree. I stopped for a while, but started up again after my sister, Kim, passed away in April. I've had some great fun discovering old newspaper articles, family trees, census pages referring to my family members by name.

Some Things I Hate:

1. Headaches, for the reason I expressed to my niece-in-law earlier this week: It is just a nagging little pain that is just the right amount of distraction, so that every time someone asks you a question, you just look at them and go..."Huh???"

2. People who don't respond to emails or return phone calls. Just basically flat out rude and clearly have little or no social skills.

3. Hello, my name is Terri and I'm a magazine addict (Hi, Terri). I've said it. I can't deny it any longer. I've hit rock bottom. I have probably a dozen subscriptions and I haven't read one magazine in months. But every time I get a notice in the mail, "Your subscription is about to end," I dutifully get out my checkbook or go to the computer with my credit card in hand and re-up. I just know that I would feel so much better if I would just read them, but I don't. Thanks for letting me vent. See you next meeting.

4. Having to replace so many freakin' car windshields. Ever since we moved here about 15 years ago, we have had to replace every single windshield on every single car we have ever owned. Tom has owned his work van for about 7 years and during that time we have replaced the windshield 3 times and it needs a 4th one right now. Last week, Tom was driving the Audi down the interstate ('freeway' to those of you in the west) and out of nowhere a rock crashes into the windshield. It will be replaced on Monday ~ with one of only 4 windshields in existence in the U.S. for that make and model. We're in deep $hit if it gets broken again.

5. I'm sick and tired of this rotator cuff thing I have going on. I wish it would just heal and I could get on with it.

Some Things I Just Don't Get:

1. You know, this includes me, too, but I just don't get why people wait so long to connect or reconnect with loved ones. Most of what we think about others is our own projections on other people, not really what exists in reality, but we cling to those reasons (excuses) because of our own pride, need to be right or just holding a grudge. Whatever reasons we use are so inconsequential and unnecessary.

2. When we first moved back into "town" after living in the country, we were thrilled to be given two trash bins, a green one for daily trash and a blue one for recycling. Whooo Hooo, I thought, it is going to be so easy to recycle. I put everything possible in that blue bin, including used paper towels. Our regular trash went from 2 bins to about 1/2 bin a week and our recycling bin was often almost over-flowing by the time it was picked up. But, apparently, loose recyclables are too messy, so the city council passed a new ordinance that all of our recyclables must be bagged... yes, bagged. I am now still recycling a lot of our trash, but I am using twice as many trash bags. Go figure.

3. People who judge everyone, but never see their own mistakes or character flaws.

4. Boys who wear their pants half way, or even further, down their butts and have to constantly grab their crotch to keep their pants from falling off. I have one word for you: BELT !!

5. The fascination with extremely hot or spicy foods. I cannot and will not eat something just because it is hot as hell and guaranteed to make me break a sweat. I don't enjoy food that hot even though I know that it causes your body to generate endorphins to neutralize the pain. Maybe some people enjoy eating food that hot because it is something of an ego trip to be able to say you can withstand the sensation of ridiculously spicy substances searing your flesh, but it's still a phenomenon that's just completely alien to me.

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