Friday, May 23, 2008

Some Things Friday for May 23, 2008

Okay, that was pretty sad. I just now had to check my calendar to see what the date was today. I feel like a complete space cadet this morning and my head is just filled with stuff that I have to do to get ready for the weekend. We are headed into the 3-day Memorial Day weekend. Saturday (tomorrow) we will be doing some major gardening in our front yard and I will provide photos sometime next week. Sunday we are having family over for a barbecue. Monday I would like to do nothing but relax.

In the meantime...

Some Things I Love:

1. Goldie had her first heartworm treatment this week and is doing well. She is such a sweet, sweet dog. In spite of her medical shortcomings and timidity, she is turning out to be wonderful companion. I can hardly wait until the grandkids have a chance to get to know her.

2. We are counting down to the 4th of July family reunion. Everyone is confirmed to arrive sometime during the week before. Chris, Kelly and the kids are coming Wednesday morning and we will head up to the lake after they arrive. Tom's sister, Mary, is flying in on Tuesday. Chuck and Nancy are coming in Thursday, I think. Carol and her kids are coming in on Wednesday, too. And, of course, Tom and I, and his sister, Christina, and her husband, Bill, live here. One thing for sure, we are going to laugh a lot !!

3. We are putting the ski boat back in the water. Hooray !! It's been sitting on the trailer all winter long since we let our slip lease expire at the marina. We went up to the lake last weekend and signed the lease for a slip at another marina, closer to Christina and Bill's house. I like having the boat in the water rather than having to launch it every time we use it, which is quite a bit during the summer months.

4. As I posted yesterday, Tom found two boxes of old stuff ~ some of it is our stuff and some was my mother's. I have enjoyed going through everything and remembering people and events and different periods in my life. I also have a huge plastic storage box full of photos just sitting the closet in the guest bedroom. I think I would like to go through them, put them in albums and send them to my sons.

5. Communicating with my sisters regularly again after so many years. You know, I'm not a particularly religious person because I question everything (and that is sooo out of character for me ;o), but this has truly been a blessing.

Some Things I Hate:

1. Starting that Couch-2-5K over and over again. I am reminded each time I start this program how out of shape I am. When I finish each 30-minute session, I am breathing so hard I'm wheezing and spitting all over myself. God, I would love to be able to just run without sweating like a pig and snorting like an old bull... just once!!

2. Some developer is building a tract of homes a couple of miles from where I live. They have bulldozed and burned ALL of the beautiful full-grown, mature trees from the tract site and left nothing but dirt. So, when the new owners move in to the newly built homes they get to do what? They get to plant little baby, Charlie Brown freakin' trees and wait 20 years for them to grow into full-grown, mature trees !! This does not make sense to me !

3. Bicyclists who act like riding their bike is the same as driving a car only more healthy, and ride down the middle of the road and won't move over for cars to pass and wind up with about 50 cars behind them filled with drivers on their way to work!

4. Apparently Oprah is selling another trend: The 21-day detox diet. No, I do not watch the show, but it is splashed all over the internet news, as if anyone actually cares.

5. The mainstream media is now criticizing John McCain for giving only limited access to his medical records. Mind you, it is not a requirement that he give any access at all, but they are complaining just the same. I'm sorry, I wouldn't want the results of my colonoscopy flashed over millions of television screens either. There are some things that are private, no matter who you are!

Some Things I Just Don't Get:

1. Do you think that Phil Spector thinks he really looks good???

2. In an article at MSNBC, doctors claim that our children are developing more allergies, and possibly more illnesses, because we have become too clean. I'm thinking that might be true. I'm not advocating eating dirt as a regular part of a diet, but it seems to me that when kids were allowed to get dirty, they were a lot healthier and could fight off more germs.

3. So, the California Supreme Court ruled that the law against same-sex marriage was unconstitutional, but the group, Concerned Women for America, that initially lobbied for the law refuses to stop and, in fact, wants a constitutional marriage amendment on the November ballot. In addition, they are involved with a national effort to generate a federal marriage amendment. Don't these people have anything else to do?? Hey, CWA, they could use some hands and strong backs to help rebuild New Orleans, or in China to search and care for earthquake victims, or in Myanmar to help the cyclone survivors. There are children in our country who need parents, food, shelter, education and love. You could provide help to our young men and women returning from Iraq. There are a lot more important things you could be doing instead of dictating who people should love and marry! You just have to be able to get over yourselves.

4. Why do I still call them "tennis shoes"? Nothing about them screams "tennis" !! And I don't play tennis when I wear them. Running, walking, hiking better describe their true function. But not tennis. Nevertheless, I call them my "tennis shoes." It's a stupid habit.

5. The musically challenged rap artist, P. Diddy is at it again. First it was Sean Combes. That's the name his mama gave him. Then it was Puff Daddy, whatever the hell that meant. Then he thought better of that one and changed his name to P. Diddy. But, as I recall, somewhere in there it was Puffy Combs. So, now P. Diddy is a name that apparently offends his new sensibilities and he wants to change it to Sean John. Oh, but I think he should seriously consider some of the other names Liz at the Washington Post has suggested:

Puff Cube
Iced Puff
Diddy Cent
L'il Puff
The Notorious P.U.F.F.
Biggy Puffy
and, my personal favorite, Old Dirty Diddy

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