Saturday, December 29, 2007

Can You Be On Vacation and Still Lose Weight??

I am on vacation. We left Arkansas on December 19th, spent 3 nights in Savannah visiting my son and his family, then Saturday morning left Savannah for Clearwater Beach, FL. We will be here until January 4th.

I love this place. We've been coming here nearly every year since 1990. It doesn't matter what time of year it is, I love it all. We are planning to move here sometime after next October.

We brought our bicycles and have been riding a couple of hours every day; sometimes down to the end of the island, through beautiful, upscale neighborhoods with gorgeous landscaping; sometimes down the trail along the causeway from the City of Clearwater to Clearwater Beach, along a portion of the inter-coastal waterway. Maybe tomorrow we will try riding over this bridge that crosses the waterway where it enters the Gulf of Mexico.

This morning before breakfast, we took a brisk two mile walk (no running) up the beach and back. It was so beautiful.

After posting my new blog on Myspace, we rode our bikes to the Publix market on Island Estates, about a two mile ride.

It's sunny, 80's, blue sky... how can we not spend time outside?!! I am hoping that when I get back to Arkansas, I am more fit than when I left.

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