Saturday, October 17, 2015

Leaving the 1980's and Welcome to the 21st Century

We are attempting to move ourselves from our bedroom to the guest bedroom temporarily. 

The guest room had a full size bed, far to small for the two of us to sleep comfortably, so we purchased a new queen size mattress, base and frame to accommodate our need for more sleeping space. 

We will remodel our master bedroom: scrape the popcorn ceilng, paint the walls and trim, and install new flooring. Our plan is also to sell our master bedroom set we purchased almost 20 years ago for a bedroom almost  3 times the size of our current bedroom. We've lived with it in our current small bedroom for almost 10 years. That's long enough. Now we have to move all of our crap out of the cabinets and drawers. Luckily this provides a much needed opportunity to evaluate what we need to keep and what should be donated. 

Tom has already moved his stuff. I'm a little slower because I have issues. I am attached to the memories these seemingly trivial "things" evoke. 

Take these for instance:

Believe it or not these are earrings. I call them my "Whitney Houston" earrings. Sometime in the mid-1980's I saw Whitney Houston perform and she was wearing earrings similar to these. At that time of my life I was very, very, very fashion forward, as opposed to my current leggings-t-shirt-flip-flop obsession. I saw those earrings and I was on a mission to acquire something similar. I didn't necessarily want to be Whitney. Hello, I can't sing. But I definitely wanted to project her style. Yes, I'm white. I know. I told you I have issues.

So after many visits to many malls (I lived in Southern California, surrounded by malls other folks can only dream of), I found these in a small costume jewelry shop at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, California, an hour or so north of where we lived. They weren't real diamonds and gold, but baby they were sparkly and huge and they made me feel like a rock star when I wore them. I wore them a lot for a few years. Then styles changed. I changed. And I've stored them in a black velveteen pouch for 30-plus years. 

Today I removed them from the precious velveteen pouch, dropped them into a small plastic bag to donate to Goodwill with a bag full of other neglected jewelry I've been keeping, but not wearing, for years. I know some woman will see those earrings and feel like she has hit the mother lode.  She will put those earrings on and they will make her feel like the diva she envisions herself to be. Mission accomplished.  

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