Tuesday, September 29, 2015


I'm sneezing like a son of a bitch. I think I'm allergic to everything desert. My skin is so dry it looks like a dead shriveled up snake. Humidity is 10% to 14%. I'm used to 75% to 94%. I'm shriveling. 

We had dinner in a Nevada casino. Smoking is the norm. After sitting in the restaurant for less than an hour I smell like an ashtray. 

We spent 5 days in Carson City to spend time with our son and our two youngest grandgirls. We planned on leaving yesterday, but a warning buzzer in the RV kept "alarming" us and Tom couldn't figure out why it wouldn't stop. 

We called a mobile RV repair guy, but he couldn't get to us until the afternoon, so we waited until he was able to diagnose the problem. It turned out, he just disconnected the buzzer and we finally left this morning. 

We drove from Carson City to Tonapah, NV. Tonapah Station to be exact. A casino, hotel, sort-of-RV park, aka casino parking lot with full hook ups. 

Should I have expected gourmet food at the restaurant? Hello! No. Should I have expected a cigarette smoke free environment? Apparently not. Hense, I smell like an ashtray. 

I gave Tom $30 to gamble. I told him to bring back at least $250,000 in winnings. We'll see if my instructions are followed to the letter. I'm not holding my breath. 

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